Monday, August 1

White Stripes (pah!)*

I read this in the Flyer: "After all, the White Stripes' appeal isn't merely the idea of the band, but its music. And, in this case, that means Jack's music. He is a major talent, an authentic rock genius on the order of a Neil Young or Van Morrison, the kind that mainstream music culture doesn't create much anymore." Uh, excuse me Mr. H, but isn't it a little early to make that comparison? I mean first of all that Jack White has 1/nth of the output of either Young or Morrison. All he seems to have is some of the popular impact of both---plus the paunch of James in his last years. If he would follow Morrison's diet maybe he'd die young and be remembered forever like Joplin, Hendrix, Patsy Cline, and those guys who had that plane wreck. I personally think that's his best chance for endless fame. EIther that, or the Robert Smith of this century. *This derisive sound is required following utterance of the 2 prior words in this succession (i.e. "White Stripes"---pah!).


ml said...

What do you have against Jack White?

Serrabee said...

Mostly overexposure.
Then there's the talent thing.
How can anyone compare him to either of these legends? They are proven to have staying power, and more prolific than he on top of that.
Plus there's the unsightly paunch I mentioned.

Serrabee said...

And did I mention he reminds me of Robert Smith from The Cure?