Friday, August 12

You Americans think this is sexy?

This is Teri Hatcher, star of one of the most popular shows on tv, taking a jog recently (on the left). Look at her legs. Gross. This is okay, but anorexia is a disease? Justify that one to me, please. This is her (on the right) in the 1996 film with James Spader that stayed with me so well that I rented it twice. You probably saw it & forgot, too. She played an Olympic athlete---not exactly a fatass---in Two Days in the Valley. I think this is also in some tabloid this week, too, so don't say you just heard it from me. I only jump on the critical bandwagons, I don't drive 'em.


Len said...

The legs of Teri on the left are seriously scary. Not attractive at all. The legs of Teri on the right look quite fine (but is that blood all over her right arm?).

But how do her legs get that anorexically skinny (in the pic on the left), and everything above the waist not look just as thin (though that isn't a good angle on her arms, so maybe she is getting anorexic and I just can't tell from the pic)?

Serrabee said...

You're right (click on the pic for the slideshow).
Her top half passes, and the calves still look like human calves.
I think that what is disturbing is that we think it ok for a woman to look like this, we just don't see the whole body on most occasions.
(The blood is part of the movie, which I can't recommend even tho I love James Spader.)