Thursday, August 18

Muzak notes

  • As I have already noted, I can alter my entire mood with music (quite a useful trick).
  • I am the obsessive type, musically. I latch onto something and listen to it every day for a week, or weeks, depending on how good it is---then never again. Or years later.
  • Right now I am obsessing over Imogen Heap, thanks to EJ's radio blog.
  • When I was little, I listened to Led Zeppelin & my dad said they stole from blues & country. I was so disillusioned by that---until I understood years later that great musicians build on those who have come before them. They stand on the shoulders of giants, as it were.
  • My favorite Elvis song: Suspicious Minds.
  • My favorite Stevie Wonder song: Superstition.
  • I'm excited that Big Star is making a comeback. I kinda missed them first time around as I am (incredibly) too young to have been in that scene. And, growing up in KnoxVegas, we all listened to Southern Rock and The Cure around then.
  • My last greatest hits cd purchase was The Cure.
  • I think I'm going to be ultra-trendy and go see The Cry Room at the P&H Cafe weekend after this, since I missed the $60- Duran Duran show. (That is, ultra-trendy for a high schooler.)
  • Buying Kings of Leon tickets made my day. Going to Nashvuille this weekend for the show & a visit with some friends. Yee-haw!

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