Wednesday, August 3

remain clean.

in a pathetic and useless attempt to encourage participation with [AUTOMUSIK] every other inferior local band, [AUTOMUSIK] has decided to break itself apart into distinct and separate units. in order to collect credibility among those who are highly skilled in attempting to appear in accordance with the current local fashions and trends, [AUTOMUSIK] has made a conscious and deliberate effort to become physiologically dependent upon mostly illegal and highly incommon substances, mainly consisting of, but not limited to, those which can be inhaled through the three main oral orifices. [AUTOMUSIK] does, in fact, hope to gain an even greater level of accuracy by escalating intake parameters to also include certain injectable liquids, tablets and or capsules which can be passes directly into the digestive system and certain commercially available children’s’ medicated liquids. [AUTOMUSIK] will then begin to engage in public verbal exchanges within itself, aimed at the dissolution of [AUTOMUSIK]. it is by this means that [AUTOMUSIK] is verbalizing its intention to produce the final [AUTOMUSIK] public manifestation of the musikal type prior to its period of aimless and unwarranted forays into mediocrity and frivolous side-projects. [FEMALE ROCK UNIT #1] and [FEMALE ROCK UNIT #2] may or may not re-form as a pointless and pungent collective with [MICHELLE WILLIAMS] and begin to refer to themselves as [FATE’S OFFSPRING], where they will exude fake sensuality and occasionally perform without the aid of prerecorded vocal mechanizations. [AUTOMUSIK], as a singular entity, may or may not embark upon a relentless series of solo undertakings with [STING], [ELTON JOHN] and [ROD STEWART]. The project will traverse under the moniker [THE IRRELEVANCY TOUR: SOUNDTRACK FOR AN AUTOMOBILE COMMERCIAL]. your final opportunity to view this version of [AUTOMUSIK] will come at the following: wednesday august.03.2005 first wednesday event memphis brooks museum 1934 poplar avenue memphis.tennessee the doors will open at the [AUTOMUSIK] will being at the film [AUTOMUSIK CAN DO NO WRONG] will begin at entrance fee: free for museum members. $5.00(US) for non-members. remain clean. I will be there, I hope, and maybe I'll see you there.

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