Tuesday, August 9

Many moods of Serrabee

Now I am pissed off. I'm helping this bitch paint her bathroom, and although she is a friend of mine she is also a bitch because:
  1. I offered to help her Sunday & she called me THREE HOURS LATE! Bitch.
  2. I offered once again to help her tonight, and she's not returned my fucking phone call. Bitch.
Plus she is my friend & she' s moving. To LA. I hate her. I should really re-think this whole friendship thing. She lives on our dog walk path & I've never stopped by her house; how good a friend can she actually be, anyway? I really still like her. But she didn't even offer the requisite pizza & beer so I think something's wrong with her. Mentally.


Len said...

No pizza and beer? I think that's grounds for a lawsuit. Punitive damages may lie.

Serrabee said...

No veggie chips & snapple, even.