Wednesday, March 29

And something to do Friday: SiP* Coffee & Conversation is having a reception from 7-9:30 to celebrate their 1st anniversary. They're in the Overton Square area at 2027 Madison, across from Molly's & the Blue Monkey. Can't find a link to them... which surprises me, but oh well. Please go if you are going to be in the area---it's a great place to hang out, plus the owner I know is tres cool.

Tuesday, March 28

Something to do Thursday: UPDATE: Also, Garrison Starr at the Hi-Tone: YET another CD release, but a variation on the theme. Can't wait for Blair Combest next month... anyone know if the special guest is "TBA" as in to be announced, or is that acutally some band's name? Cause the latter would be really confusing, like "Who's on First?"

Monday, March 27

This week is a weak one

Not much going on in Memphis this week. It's just as well as I have a project and two tests (3 if you count my online course). Plus, it was a big weekend, between the fraud that was the NCAA tourney game, The Secret Service's & the BoKeys' CD release parties, plus V is for Vendetta opening. That movie looks good, though I may not have time to see it until I'm 50. Anyone who's anyone will be at Wed.'s premiere of "My Memphis" at[UPDATED] Malco Paradiso. [I was thinking East Mphs & typing Midtown---thanx, Paul!.] If I can get there in time, I will add myself to the list of notables in attendance. You KnoxVegas fvck3rs are lucky. In one night you have both Lucero w/The Glass at Blue Cat's AND Drew Holcomb upstairs at Patrick Sullivan's (for those of you with hearing damage, this is bound to be a quieter show than the other). Anyone who hears about fun stuff going on, do share. Otherwise I'm camping out at home this weekend to recover from the basketball blues.

Saturday, March 25

World-Record-Breaking Naptime

I took the longest nap ever last night---at least for me---I slept from about 8 last night till almost 7 this morning. Yikes! I was supposed to wake when my alarm went off to get ready for dinner with mL at the new place in Cooper-Young (forgot the name but it has a neon fish on the side*). So I missed the Lantana auction, Organ Thief, and my supper. Not like I went hungry or anything, because I was asleep, but I am a bit peckish now. Me, me, me---this blog has been really Serrabee-centered for the past couple of weeks (or months?). It's as if between my job & my classes, I only have time left for a small slice of social life on the side. I've totally eschewed world events, local politics, and social issues lately. I just can't squeeze concern for anything else into my busy schedule these days---which is, I assume, only temporary, as I am a lifelong Concerned Citizen of the World---and it makes for a short-sighted blog. As long as y'all know I'm not really like that. Speaking of which, I'm starting up a salon with some friends of mine. We have our first official meeting in a couple of weeks (by which time I'll be 31---w00t!) over brunch. On the table will be any issue affecting our lives, excluding dating and apparel (that looks like a misspelling, but I promise it's not---had to look it up!). I'm asking everyone to bring a newspaper clipping or magazine story (yes, or blog entry!) they want to discuss. Feel free to steal that idea from me, since I've stolen it from a former associate already. Someone asked who'd be "in charge" of the group, and I told her it was totally egalitarian. I hope to stick to my personal promise to myself not to take over---although if it turns out to need a leader I'm totally willing (I even bought a book from Utne on how to do it). Anyone have advice for us on how to do it, pitfalls, whatever? Email me at serrabee at hotmail dot com. Danke schon. *Soul Fish

Wednesday, March 22

About a Boy...

Although I'm tired enough to fall asleep in my desk chair & go rolling across my uneven floor, I'm posting away because I had such a great day. No, not the getting up at 6:45 part, or the staying on campus for over 13 hours straight bit, or the working away furiously in the computer lab part. While I am so tired my contacts are drying up in my eyes, Nick Hornby's reading was well worth it this evening. Just wanted to jot some things down before I completely forget the experience. (Much like the have a friend I used to tease that she only remembered things that happened if we had photographic evidence of them, I remember better if it's written down somewhere.) He read from A Long Way Down (quite funny, for a book about suicides) and "Nipple Jesus"---which I didn't think was very funny when I read it for myself. Why is it so wonderful to hear authors read aloud, and so excruciatingly boring to hear most people do it? Maybe I'm just a snob & the rest of you folks really dig it. Or hate author readings. The prerequisite Q&A sessions following the readings are never my favorite. This one was no exception & I'm sure I disturbed the guy sitting beside me by fidgeting in my chair (sorry, guy with a stack of books; please understand I'd just come from yoga & everything was still popping & readjusting in my spine). Most of the people there are aspiring authors who have author-ish questions to ask But I heard him say two particularly interesting things:
  1. What's enjoyable about pop & rock is its novelty; there's no point listening to the same stuff for decades.
  2. Writing autobiographically for his first two books wasn't a problem because as you live, you grow & have more experiences which lead to more material to write about (whereas I'd always thought it was best to leaveautobiographies til you were old, but I see his point).
So thanks to my old boyfriend for introducing me to Nick Hornby years ago, even if Fever Pitch is a tough read for an American girl. And thanks, Nick, for uncomplainingly signing all 4 of my books---as well as the stacks of books from all the other nerds who stood in line with me. Hundreds of 'em. Oh, and guess who I saw going into the building just ahead of me---yes, the Boyfriend That Never Was. That's timing for you---haven't thought of him forever, and as soon as I do he pops up again. I was on the phone with my date for Sat. night, so didn't stop to say hello. As if I even wanted to say hello anyway, but it would have been polite not to ignore him. Seeing as he's getting married in a matter of months, I think we should let it rest with him for a while. I mean, seriously! Speaking of the weekend... there are some good shows coming up, including Nick Hornby playing with Marah in Oxford (Proud Larrys? I'll find the link to it later...zzzzz). There's also the Memphis International Film Festival (ditto) if you like that sort of thing. I'm hoping for a big Tiger win tomorrow night, and if so we may "draw No. 3 Gonzaga Saturday, [we] could get to the Final Four without playing a single opponent from a BCS league." Wouldn't that be somethin'!

Monday, March 20

Regarding my future husband:

I had an inquiry into the status of the man I ill-fatedly named my husband-to-be last summer after linking it to today's earlier post. Yeah, he's engaged now, so that's definitely off the front burner, to say the least. In an oh-so-cheesy romantic gesture he proposed to his gf on V-Day. Yick. Maybe we weren't meant to be after all; I'd have laughed in his face! In other news, today I made plans to have the 2nd date with #2. I'm thinking something non-traditional, like taking the dog to the park or playing pool... any suggestions on a non-cliche, anti-dinner & a movie, non-conforminst 2nd date? UPDATE: *crickets* Y'all aren't a very inventive bunch, are you? *crickets* UPDATE: I must take that back---lawnmower racing? WTF!!

Workin for tha weekend

Forgot to post this update on the oh-so-exciting weekend events (pardon me)--- Fri. night: Although I enjoyed Cory's show, I had not read the interview in the Flyer with him when I went---and so I didn't realize the "new" CD was a bunch of old music with some other stuff thrown in. I do feel for him on his troubles getting this new album out (it has taken 4 years to do). Sat. night: You already heard about the date, but after that The Ponys' show at the Young Ave. Deli was good with the exception of Vending Machine (they really brought down the tempo & made us want to yawn) and the brevity of The Ponys' set. Detachment Kit was good but too loud, partially made up for by the fact that they are such cuties. Although it reminded me of that scene in Valley Girl when Nick Cage takes whatshername to the punk club, it was good to have the girls together for a night on the town. We must do it again sometime soon!

Round 3

Since you are all so fascinated with the dating game I call my life, here's the scoop from this weekend: While I was out Fri. night for sushi & Cory Branan's show, conversation with a friend led me to re-think Sat. night's scheduled date with #2. As I have said, I hate first dates anyway, but something happened during our conversation Thurs. to make me really doubt the wisdom of meeting this guy for dinner. Yes, he said the unthinkable: He goes to church! Not Sunday services, which would be worse, but a weekely lunch where they preach at you while you're eating in exchange for cheap food. It's like the missions for the working stiffs. Any of you who know me probably also know my aversion for religion in most forms and realize what a bid deal that is for me not to talk about. So my friend got me thinking that I shouldn't really go out with someone if I didn't feel free to be completely honest about stuff, because I am so incapable of obfuscation about the big stuff. But I had the much-dreaded date with him anyway. I woke up Sat. and thought, 'What was all the fuss about last night? Were you maybe just looking for a way to get out of it? It would be really crappy to back out on the day of the date anyway.' And we had a great time after all, staying out for 4 hours, and even going for another drink after dinner. He's so sweet, as cute as his picture, and a very stable guy. We have a lot in common, but not everything: When I went on to the Deli, he went home. My friend MC said she didn't approve of him for going home early. We shall see if he can be persuaded to go for some late-night live shows or one of MC & JG's famous all-night cookouts (if he sticks around that long). And luckily the feared call from #1 never came, and he's on his way to Chicago now (whew!) so I don't have any 'splainin to do.

Best Call of the Day

When I woke & it was pouring rain, I made an executive decision to skip my 8 & 9 o'clock classes. It turned out to be the best decision I could have made, because I got an email that my 11:30 is cancelled today (which I'd never have seen if I'd been on campus) and now I am warm & dry (plus very well-rested). I love it when a plan comes together. Suck on that, you 9-to-5ers!

Friday, March 17

Round 2

So once again, I have a date Sat. night which I am already dreading. I hate first dates on a good day; on the week when one date turns out to be gay (or so gay-acting that I cannot imagine dating anyone even half as gay-acting) it just makes it that much tougher to muster any excitement. I am a worrier at heart; the good thing about not having any time to myself this week is that there's less time for worry. In fact, there's not been much time for thought this week, either. But one thing I have thought about is protesters: what is their best strategy for attention? I saw a guy at the corner of Union & McLean this week wearing a sombrero, and thought: Now, that's a great protest strategy. Only he wasn't protesting at all---he was drumming up business for the Mexican restaurant inside whatever that grimy hotel on the corner calls itself these days. But I still think it would be a good thing for the anti-Iraq war protest group at Central & East Parkway to experiment with. What costumes get them the most honks, therefore the most attention for the cause? No price should be too high if you're going to make standing on a corner at the @ss-crack of dawn every day worthwhile. Sombreros, yes, but think big: Star Wars costumes, period clothing, the Village People, Superheroes, whatever gets the most looks. And change every so often to keep us interested.

Wednesday, March 15

wouldn't it be lover-ly

So, I had a nice time on my "date" with my cousin's friend. We have lots in common! Too much, perhaps, including playing on the same team. If I can tell he's gay, how can he not know? Anyway---we have another contestant coming up on Saturday, so I'll let you know if sparks fly then (don't get your hopes up yet). I also forgot to mention that Bachelor #1 actually won't be leaving town until Sunday, so things could get awkward if he calls and I'm at dinner with Bachelor #2. Or not. I suppose I don't need to be 100% honest at all times... I can just say I was at dinner & leave it at that, right? In stranger news, I saw a professor in the locker room tonight, wearing her swimsuit. Weird that I was compelled to look away as you do when you see someone changing into her sports bra. It was perfectly decent coverage, but somehow it just seemed... indecent to see her like that.

Tuesday, March 14

except for the typo, I endorse this message

I'd go if I had some money & didn't already have plans... how 'bout you go & tell me how it was? Cause I'm going out Friday night, whether or not I can find anyone to go see Cory Branan with me. Of course, everyone else in Midtown will be out pub crawling or camped out afterward at Murphy's for the St. Paddy's Day Celebration (which, apart from the live heavy-metal karaoke, just doesn't do it for me this year). So, I don't have a date for Friday, is what I'm sayin'. I do for tomorrow, though, so I'll be sure to let you know what happens (it's casual, just a coffee date, with a guy who's new to Memphis & knows my cousin from school). Or doesn't happen, if ya knowhaddamean. Wink, wink---nudge, nudge. Just kidding! (Do you know I actually heard a girl on campus say "J/K" yesterday?! Yeah, she said it IRL. Ha ha.) Other bits & pieces of my life:
  • Found out today my boss is leaving at the end of this moth. Sucks for me but she did say she'll put in a good word with the head of HR, who I got to meet today as well, so something might come of it. Other than that it was a good day at work... and I had a lovely lunch of spanikopitas at Sean's Deli. Yum. It's a good damn thing, too, cause I didn't get dinner until just now. Grrrr. (That was my tummy growling, naturally.)
  • I actually just got home at 9:30 tonight. Gone 14 hours & what do I have to show for it? Nada. I went to a friend's Mary Kay Cosmetics event. Seriously! Me. I'm the least Mary-Kay-ish girl I know. (Except for my friend whose name is Mary K, which is kinda ironic. Okay now I'm babbling but I really am just tired.)
  • I did see some old friends for the first time in a while at the event---and I did get a haircut after work, and saw another friend at the same time, so all is not lost. Plus I got a call from Bachelor #1 as well (to see if I wanted to "watch a movie" at his place---yeah, right!) so the day was not a total waste. Even though Serrabee does not accept last minute date invites with a man she has known for a month or less, as I am not that sort of girl, I like getting the calls anyway.
  • Unless they are from my ex. Yes, he's back---not in Memphis but in Nashvile, which is almost as bad. Let's just hope he has no reason to visit here & I hear little or nothing from him. I did leave a bag of his crap on the porch for him to pick up on his way thru town last night while I was out with the girls (had the world's largest sandwich at the Deli---the Yankee Club---and heard the band do a sound check while the all-ages crowd self-consciously filtered in). So he came & went without me having to pawn him off with an excuse. I really didn't realize how well this week has been going until right at this moment.
ps Sorry for the length of this post (as you know I don't read past the first paragraph unless it's a very, very good post---which this is not) and for any typos I may have inadvertently made.

Monday, March 13

my so-called love life

After a dry spell... I guess I'm back in the game. The dating-around game, that is. I have 3 dates lined up for this week (in case anyone is still interested in my love life). Once again, I am in the predicament of who to tell what & how much to tell him. I think as little as possible is called for in this situation; after all, I think until The Conversation is had, everyone involved needs to assume no one is exclusive these days. I have a coffee date, dinner plans, and tentative hangin' out scheduled over the next several days. I'm feeling tired already... it must be known I'm not the best at meeting new people. As a result it's not my favorite thing to do, either. I will also need to call in the girls for a recap & assessment sometime in there. It would be nice to have them there to coach me like Cyrano. Except without the schnoz. So I'll let you know how it goes with Bachelor #3 this week & Bachelors 2 & 1 this weekend. I'm sure you're dying to hear about my so-called love life.

Sunday, March 12

Funny, I don't really like these movies...

The Movie of Your Life Is A Cult Classic Quirky, offbeat, and even a little campy - your life appeals to a select few. But if someone's obsessed with you, look out! Your fans are downright freaky. Your best movie matches: Office Space, Showgirls, The Big Lebowski
[Shouldn't that be Were instead of Was?]
Seriously, Showgirls??? It can't be a cult classic unless someone actually watched it---more than once, but AT LEAST once---and I don't think that can be said about that train wreck. Of course I liked Office Space but it's what I call a cringey movie (as in, you're cringing through most of the film). Yeah, I'm home now. It was a good trip & I'll tell you all about it later when I've had a bath & some food. Mmmm, Bosco's sounds good....

Thursday, March 9

Special Announcements

I am still out of town this week (doing the family thing) but I thought I'd drop a few hints to those of you not priviledged to be a myspace friend as to what I'll be doing when I return:
  • Cory Branan's CD release party is Friday (of next week, when I'll be back in Memphis) at the Hi-Tone. Don't know if it's any good cause I haven't heard any of his new stuff. The last time I saw him he played with Lucero's lead singer and they were both doing shots, so it wasn't exactly the best musical experience I've ever had. But unless you are going to see Wilco at the Ryman in NashVile, this is your best bet.
  • The Ponys play the Young Ave. Deli the next night, which will be a must-see for me since I missed them last year (can't remember why now, so it couldn't have been too important).
  • If you're up for a Monday night show, which I never am anymore, The Lights are playing the Deli then. If not, I think they also played the Hi-Tone on Sat. the 18th with some other bands---but if you went with my recommendation, you missed that show for The Ponys'.
  • On Weds. the 22nd, Nick Hornby of High Fidelity---About a Boy---Fever Pitch fame is speaking at the Rose Theatre on the U of M campus. I can't wait for that. I am bringing all my copies of his books to get signed!
  • Next weekend will bring Organ Thief and the Secret Service, though not at the same show, plus hopefully some nice weather.
I'm even better than the Memphis Flyer, cause I discriminate in my show listings...! Make your plans now. I have to look forward to all this because a friend is trying to get me to see a blues band tomorrow night. Seriously. Like I drove 400 miles to hear blues music being played in the foothills of the Smokies. I would rather hear a bluegrass band or some other form of pickin' and grinnin'. Incidentally, we went out earlier this week & happened up on the Chillbillies playing at 4620, which was a cool place for a jazz band... only this was some sort of miniature big band. Odd. But I guess we were lucky because they were supposed to have been closed that night. As a matter of fact, they did look at us kind of funny when we came in so perhaps it was a private affair... or maybe they didn't like our clothes (yes, they have a dress code---that is so 4 years ago!---Hey, maybe this town is catching up, since they used to be 5-7 years behind the rest of the country.). At any rate, I will update you on tomorrow's events when I get a chance.

Sunday, March 5

All Apologies

Yes, I was that girl at the club last night mooning over a handsome young man. However I did not---repeat did not!---smooch him waiting in line for the back bathrooms. Okay, maybe I did but just for a second. I hate those smoochy people and apologize for grossing any of you out as I have been grossed out so many times by others. Or maybe this was my sweet revenge for all those other times.

Thursday, March 2

Little Green Men

I hadn't heard of the Army Men Project until I got an email from the folks at Drinking Liberally, who I'm always intending to meet on Thursday nights (but somehow it never happens---you know how that goes). I really like the idea of protesting in gentle ways that are not confrontational, because I think that people are least likely to change when they are bullied. Smart people, anyway. So, get out there with your Chinese-made army figurines and make me proud. It's better than those sad cold people at the corner of Central & East Parkway at 7:30 every morning with their handmade (and hard to read) No War In Iraq! posters. They just make me shake my head in something like shame. No one is going to honk at you at that hour, and if they do you have done nothing but annoy other people.