Monday, August 15

Got Bugs? Whatcha gonna do...

Isn't feeling like you have bugs crawling on you a sign of insanity, some hallucination that has a name like visual or auditory but really tactile, I don't know what it's properly called. Maybe it's just holdover from trimming the hedges & having the tiny leaves clinging to my skin. A weird thought just occured to me. If someone wanted to kill me all s/he'd have to do is put a scorpion in my mailbox. I am short, so every week or two I stand on tiptoe and dig deep into the mailbox to check for postcards. It's not that I think I have any enemies that serious in the city, or one out of the city who'd actually drive hundreds of miles to assassinate me. (Maybe dozens of miles, but not hundreds. I'm not that mean.) It was just a weird thought. I hope my enemies don't read this post.


Len said...

Isn't feeling like you have bugs crawling on you a sign of insanity

I always thought it was a symptom of drug withdrawal or the DT's, myself. Not that I'd know that from, um, experience or anything like that, y'know....

And the lethality of scorpions is highly exaggerated, IIRC. According to an article on the web ( if you really get into this kind of thing, there were only 4 reported deaths from scorpion stings in the United States in an 11 year period, and no deaths attributed to scorpions reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers from 1983-99.

So unless you have reason to believe you're unusually sensitive (read: allergic) to scorpion venom, it'd be more of a painful annoyance than a life threatening injury.

Serrabee said...

Hmmm... your explaination makes sense after the weekend I've had...

And I'm wondering if scorpion stings are:
1. less toxic;
2. less common;
3. less often reported
than we've always thought. I'm a little alarmed that you had this study sitting around, Len! The symptoms creep me out.
But, yeah, there are many more toxic species. Most in Australia--fortunately.

Len said...

I'm a little alarmed that you had this study sitting around, Len!

Be less alarmed; Google is a wonderful thing.

The neat thing about the Web has always been that with a little skill and the right search engine you can find just about anything in seconds. Back in '95 or '96 (yes, I've had internet access that long--longer, actually, but the web really didn't get started til then) I got a burr up my backside to find a Norwegian sky diving school for some reason (don't ask; I was probably drunk at the time), and even in those pre-Google days it didn't take long to find one.