Sunday, July 31

Back in Memphis now

I went out of town this weekend on what was perhaps the easiest trip to the FL panhandle of my career. Actually, I remember it being pretty easy when I was a little younger, now that I think about it. But this time was, I hope, the last time I have to make that trip by myself (Max, though normally great company, can't help drive so he doesn't count). Next time I go down I-55 will be with someone else, either to the beach or New Orleans, and I can't say it makes me sad. My sister is moving with her family to Knoxville---which is great for me, so I'll only have to go 6 hours away to see the whole family---so I'll just be going on I-40 more often. That's okay, though, cause I have a friend in Nastyville & it will be a good excuse to see more of her. I have invited myself for a few days next month to check out her new house. I'd like to go over for a weekend before that, but we'll just hafta see. I don't know if you noticed, but I have been very busy lately. Just drive down my street & you can see evidence in my front yard: the grass grew high, the hollies lost their shape, and the weeds had a heyday in the hedge. (The life of a homeowner who spends all her money on the home, so that none is left for the yard boy!) Cha, my life is sumptin' else, ain't it? (Sorry I'm more boring than usual lately. I promise it's just a reflection of my real life & I'm not hiding exciting details from y'all.)

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