Wednesday, March 23

Answering my own query

Here's some cool spots in N.O. to hit: Cafe Angeli for the late-night snack. Mother's on Poydras for breakfast, if we make it in time! Irene's Cuisine redux, perhaps. With reservations only. Now, it's your turn. And this in the news: Discrimination lives in the new South. Who'da thunkit.

Tuesday, March 22

More Time Wasters!

Bored again? Sorry I have not posted in a while. In the meantime, try visiting. . . Automusik. Don't ask. Remain clean. Wikipedia, to check the featured article of the day. Buy F the Pres stickers and stick them randomly over W the Pres stickers. Ha! Achewood is always a good bet: even when not very funny, still funnier than most sh*t out there.

Wednesday, March 16

Time Wasters

Bored? For a sure cure, try. . . playing the celebrity memory game, selecting "random" at urban dictionary, visit Smoking Gun for crazy mugshots and celebs who look really, really happy to be arrested (like DeAngelo, Kid Rock & Kimora Lee Simmons), reading The Deep South comics, browse Go Fug Yourself (you'll thank me, I promise), Exquisite Corpse (Don't ask), and The Pauper's Grave---whee!

Sunday, March 13

A Must-See from Serrabee

Finally got to see Born Into Brothels, which I am honestly surprised to see is still playing at all. It barely made it into a 2004 release, was nominated for Best Doc Film and won, which it only narrowly deserved (in my opinion---not having seen Tupac: Resurrection or ever even having heard of Twist of Faith) . Personally I enjoyed Super Size Me more---but hey, that's just me. I dug watching the guy vomit after eating a whole super-sized Big Mac meal, in some sadistic way. (Here's a tip for what to do with those biggie fries, if you find yourself in a tight spot.) Anway. Go see Born into Brothels while you still can.

Gypped (sp?)

This is such a cheat! Read my horoscope for today:
Quickie: Don't get bent out of shape over a minor slight. Sometimes things come out wrong. Overview: It's Sunday, you're finished paying off your cards from the holidays, and there's something you'd dearly like to own. Now. So whether or not it's going on sale next week won't matter. Go get it.
I thought your horoscope was supposed to predict something, or tell you how to deal with an event specific to your life. This is just useless bullshit aimed at getting me pulled into the mindless conspicuous consumierism that is America. But the "quickie" pisses me off first of all with its negativitiy---of course, the first thing I'm thinking is: "what happened to match these circumstances?" and "who slighted me? and when? has it happened yet, or is it an impending insult?" so I'm all sensitive to it. How am I not going to get bent out of shape, dammit? My horoscope is setting me up for it!

Monday, March 7

Spring Break!

Wow, I am so pumped up to be off for a week! Spring Break is a gift from the gods--why don't real jobs give you a spring break? That is what everyone needs this time of year, honestly. Of course, where I am (FL) it is raining right now. But I just had an adorable baby just come running into the room trying to approximate my name--how cute! More posts on the way, folks, including the New Orleans trip roster. Anyone headed to JazzFest this year?

Sunday, March 6

What's in a name?

Ask Napoleon Dynamite: he's all about the liger, although in his world they also have magical powers. But here's the real story:

"There was a really weird commune or cult and they were breeding ligers," he said by phone from Buenos Aires, where he was shooting a commercial. "It was called Ligertown, USA. The humane society or some animal rights group found out about the horrible conditions that the ligers were living in and they, or maybe the owners, set them free one night. There were all these ligers running around our farming community for a couple days. My brothers had a football game and they could hear all these sirens and gunfire."

At least, according to Jared Hess---wait, isn't that the Subway guy's name?

Friday, March 4

Movie Day

Haven't done the mini movie reviews lately, so here they are (if I can remember everything): Be Cool--A good laugh. Creative. Fun. Won't blow you away or anything, though. Constantine--"Hell wants him. Heaven won't take him. Earth needs him"---yawn. It's good for Keanu Reaves, I guess, but not my bag, baby. Hotel Rwanda--unfortunately, the people who should see this movie never will. A stark look at heroism in the face of insurmountable odds. If you don't feel like crying by the end, something is wrong with you. A wonderful film in the way La Vita e Bella was years ago. I'm sorry it didn't win any Oscars, cause it surely was better than most. The Life Aquatic--one of my favorite ugly-old-man actors, Bill Murray, absolutely makes this film! If you haven't seen it, I guess you'll have to wait for DVD, but make sure to see it. Also fabulous are Willem Dafoe and Anjelica Houston, people not in enough films for my satisfaction. Man of the House--my other favorite ugly-old-man actor Tommy Lee Jones is the only reason to see this movie (that and being stuck on a 31-hour plane trip). Ocean's 12--I don't know why everyone's saying it's not as cool as the first one.

Tuesday, March 1

Can you imagine. . .

If you suspected your father was a serial killer who had evaded detection for decades, killed his own father, and You know, you get one of these every time:

Some who know him expressed shock Sunday, saying they could not imagine that he was behind the crimes.

"I've known him for years," Clark said, adding he has seen nothing "that would even tend to lead to these accusations."

"To my knowledge he was very nice, he was friendly," Clark said. "What I know of him, definitely a family man."

(from CNN) They said it about Manson, Scott Peterson, and Jack the Ripper (aka Walter Sickert). When will people learn to quit saying this?

Double bloggin'

So I wil be keeping a blog for school sometime soon, as well as for this page. It will be completely different, since I doubt I'll be able to put everything there that I have to say here. I suppose it will relate almost exclusively to life as a student. Does anyone read the newspaper's online blogs (if you live somewhere that has one)? I'd be interested to know if I'll be talking to myself. Must get them to put a separate counter on the page.