Sunday, October 31

In case you aren't scared into voting by now:

Read this on the Supreme Court; And this from Washington Post on the electoral college; And this to keep up on the electoral vote count; And this -- RIP, Kilgore Trout! This should remind you that people do reward a pretty good President sometimes. Even if he has sex and we know about it. Ewwwww. And this, of course, is the worst. So go vote, dammit. Illegetimi non carborundum!

Thursday, October 28

This actually happens in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

The News Vault - Love-Making Couple Sparks Police Emergency With Phone Call. Hey, people, check out Observatorium and write something funny (since you're not too busy posting on my site!). I will return when I have located a wig cap. Ciao.

Wednesday, October 27

Hot new toy -- get one while they last!

George W. Bush's "Dishonest Dubya" Lying Action Figure Doll! This will be the Cabbage Patch Doll of this decade.

Please, please. . . puh-leaze!

You've gotta vote. Vote early, vote often! But only if you're voting for the right people. Or at least not the very, very wrong incumbents. Look at this story on what could lie ahead if we Dems sit on our rumps. I'd rather move to Toronto like my buddies in Cooper-Young.

Tuesday, October 26

News flash: Halloween banned

Ananova - Halloween banned - to save witches' feelings

Holy crap -- and you were afraid roaches were going to be the death of the human race!

How did I miss this: Is That a Pilot in Your Pocket? I feel like I've heard about nothing but Superman's death the past few days, and this totally slipped by me! And you thought Castro was indestructible. . . . Can you imagine what they'd do to you if you were the unfortunate soul he tripped over? Reminds me, can't wait to see Motorcycle Diaries this weekend. Sorry I haven't seen it yet, but it was between that and i heart Huckabees this weekend (here's the trailer). A toss-up.

Monday, October 25

New Job

Second day on the new job today was good, in a sink-or-swim kind of way. I was given a timeline for an event (I am an events coordinator now) and told to reorder it, reassigning responsibilities so that everything is done by the proper committee. Good think I have committee titles, cause I have no idea who's on them yet. Think this will be fun, hopefully not more fun than school or grades may suffer. But, seriously, how many weeks can one spend in class and still be stimulated? I loved summer session!

New Music

B'friend got some promotional cd's from work, so I have been listening to Ben Harper & the Blind Boys of Alabama and some guy/group called Louque from Louisiana by way of Brooklyn. Very laid-back, ambient jazzy feel to it, but it's classified under rock. The genre, not the calcified mineral.

Sunday, October 24

Pumpkin Carving 101

Thanks to everyone who came to the pumpkin carving hosted by moi yesterday. Perfect weather, giant pumpkins, Reggae music -- what more could you ask for? And the best part of all -- every jack o'lantern was a winner! (Especially drag/pimp pumkin & cyclops witch.) Back to the grind, even though it's a gorgeous day out, cause I have papers to revise & work to do for my actual job -- woo-hoo! Yes, I started on Friday, and though I'll only be working part-time, it will be nice to have another outlet for my seeingly infinite capacity to create & micro-manage. Just kiddin. Glad to be with a non-profit that actually sees its job as being a contributing member of the community, rather than one which expects the community to bow down before it. Grrrr.

Thursday, October 21

Kinsey Report is back in fashion, whodda thunk it?

Remember learning about the first sex study ever done and thinking, gosh, how dumb were people back then? But that is actually a narrow-minded, teenaged way of thinking (it was mine, anyway). The Kinsey Report came out in 1948, when people thought the only position was missionary and only fruits thought about anything else. He was a zoologist first. Hmmmm. . . . Well, you know there's a new book about all the history, and now a movie's coming out about it. Dunno how good it will be, but I will soon find out! You can actually participate in an online study on your moods/sexual responses.

Wednesday, October 20

Various things of interest

Bored? Want to feel like an art critic? Play the Art or Crap game, v. funny! Tale a bite out of crime, the safe way! I like this: Laughing Bank Clerk Humiliates Robber Oct 15, 11:49 AM (ET) ZAGREB (Reuters) - A Croatian armed robber abandoned a bank hold up after the cashier laughed at his order to stick 'em up, state news agency Hina reported on Thursday. The masked robber entered a bank at Zagreb's main square in plain daylight and threatened the clerk with his gun. "Knowing she was behind a bulletproof glass, the clerk laughed heartily, rang her boss to say she was being robbed and asked him to call the police," Zagreb police spokeswoman Gordana Vulama told the agency. The humiliated robber turned and took to his heels, she added. Thinking of not bathing today? Think again!

Sunday, October 17

Oh, god, ManDonna!

This is hilarious! Not much else to say today, except that, thankfully, I survived the storm! Oh, and go here for a Neopolitan Shooter recipe. Happy birthday to Wynton Marsalis & Jean-Claude Van Damme!

Had to change colors, folks

Every site I have visited on blogspot has that acid green, therefore is no longer cool enough for me. Have switched to Pepto Pink, if only temporarily. Let me know if you absolutely hate it. Have also tried to change commenting due to user complaints (sorry Rolfy)! Still on yesterday's paper, will read today's over lunch. Too much fun last night prevented breakfast, but feel better after home Pilates session. The revolution has begun! I can just see people all over Iraq transmogrifying from GI's into conscientious objectors, or at least people more concerned for their life than for Bush's idiotic nation-rebuilding scheme. Favorite bumper-sticker: "Regime Change Begins at Home" New movie about Bush's gift of gab. Unrelated funny/scary: Physics Professor Goes on Rage in Class Wed Oct 13, 11:12 PM ET LAFAYETTE, La. - A University of Louisiana at Lafayette physics professor was banned from the campus Wednesday and taken to the coroner's office for evaluation after threatening his class, university officials said. Student Kacie Spears said professor Louis Houston lost control right after class began Wednesday morning and was yelling obscenities. "Then he told us if we got out of our seats he's gonna kill us. He went on the black board and wrote "911 now", so we were really in fear for our lives," Spears told KATC-TV. Spears said Houston slapped a student and then told his class he was God. . . . A bomb dog was also brought in to check for explosives, but nothing was found. Spears said it wasn't the first time Houston had an outburst in class. "He's always acted a little strange, he's yelled and cursed before, and this time we waited for it to stop, but it never did," Spears says. Law enforcement officers transported Houston to the Lafayette Parish Coroner's Office to be evaluated for possible involuntary commitment to a mental health facility. In the meantime, Houston has been banned from the university's campus and his faculty duties have been suspended. University officials said in a statement they would make a final decision about Houston's employment once a full investigation into the incident is complete.

Saturday, October 16

Memphis finally made it into The Onion!

For better or for worse, here is the story. Too bad they couldn't get their musical genres correct, huh? In other news, I finally got some pictures for you people, only they won't be on here for a bit. Look for them HERE and I will (try to) post whenever I add any new ones. Thanks for patience!

The Surreal Life

This was kind of a funny story. What do you think it was, a cover-up for some heinous crime? I apologize in advance to the short-attention-spanners. The local daily paper won't let me link these stories properly, so this has turned out to be a super-long blog. It is now a crime to get a flu shot if you're healthy: AP by Amy F. Bailey LANSING, Mich.-- Thinking of trying to wheedle a flu shot from your doctor, even though you're not at high risk for flu complications? Forget about it in Michigan. Or Washington, D.C. Or Massachusetts. As the vaccine shortage hits home and long lines queue around the supermarket, a handful of states and the nation's capital are threatening doctors and nurses with fines or even jail if they give flu shots to healthy, low-risk people. This is, of course, due to the shortage of vaccination and the flu scare inflated by the media focus on the virus. Why are we so afraid of the flu, when the worst it means is a few days' illness? Because, as my sister showed me, the CDC lists "Flu/pneumonia" as the number 7 killer of white and Asian Americans each year with almost 70,000 deaths. Problem? Of course, that the flu alone really only kills you if you get dehydrated, which means a really, really bad hangover can also kill you. (Last time I went for 2-for-1 drink night I think I almost died of dehydration, too.) I understand the flu can kill older people, who catch pneumonia when they're already down with the flu, but you could just as easily say hospitals are the number one killer of Americans! Is it just me, or is the world going deeper off the Cliffs of Insanity each week? Because of this new classification of criminal behavior, perhaps, Michael Moore is too ill to come see us. Or was he just too frightened? In the news: Moore cancels Memphis visit October 16, 2004 Activist filmmaker Michael Moore is not coming to Memphis today after all. State Rep. Kathryn Bowers, chairman of the Shelby County Democratic Party, said Moore's "rally the troops" speech set for today was canceled because Moore was "ill with the flu" and because she was concerned about "security issues" involving a possible Republican Party protest. However, Moore's Friday night speech at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas was scheduled to go on as planned; and he is still scheduled to speak tonight at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Bowers cited an E-mail sent out Monday by local Republican Party chairman Kemp Conrad as cause for concern. In the E-mail, Conrad called the rally "a hateful and partisan event." Fashion flash! Damn, and I just bought 12 new ponchos in every color of the rainbow! Happy Birthday Tim Robbins and John Mayer!

Come on & play! CORRECTED

Go here for a fun game. Did you read it yet? Well, go back and read it first. Then I want to know: What do you get if you are right but don't win? Ha! Screwed, probably. Update: Sorry for all you folks who tried to link up here; that is the price you pay for me having a free blog! Ha ha ha ha ha!! (evil laughter there)

Tuesday, October 12

Hey, Jay, if you're out there --

Ya gotta see This Land. Anyone else, it is recommended, while not required. And if that don't get ya, this new product will! Honestly, I just like looking at the pictures & imagining that is my hand and his actual head. Then comes the Kids in the Hall Head-Crusher-skit fantasy, in which Bush is standing on a streetcorner Somewhere in Canada, and Mark McKinney is wearing those glasses and going at it like madness. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Ahem. I am wondering if I have the political stomach for the debate; last one was tolerable after a couple beers. Question: How do you know you're old? Answer: When your idea of a fun Friday night is downing a couple of pints and going home to watch political debates on the telly! More political crapola here. Who will be the first to say: "it's about F#*%ing time?!?" Allright, people, I have fixed the comment problem, and my counter is clicking you (no, I didn't start it out at zero) so feel free to expound away! (Oooh, just ended previous sentence in preposition; however am such the grammar nerd now that I can even explain the derivation of that superfluous rule!) Studying must be going to my head -- better get back to it! Ciao!

Sunday, October 10

The man who inspired my blog!

He actually is a cat! (I use waaaaaaay to many exclaimation points!) if you have not seen Achewood yet, you must see this one! Hi Andrew, it was v. good to hear from you last week. I shall write back soon. . . midterms loom! In the meanwhile, contratulations!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6

So I lied

When I said photos coming soon. If I could only figure out my photo software, or the b'friend would do it for me (better for me but equally less likely!). . . alas, I will have to put it off longer. Now that I'm fixin' to get ready to make preparatons for midterms, that is. See, in order to study I have to have a clean house. So I had to clean this weekend, right? And if I have laundry to do, well that just interrupts my studying! So I had to do that, too, as if it's not just going to pile up fast and furiously. But it all takes time to get the house ready -- and tomorrow is a meeting, then the King Biscuit Blues Fest this weekend, and then it will be time to get down to business! I promised some cool links and that is one, but I can do better: I don't know if this is even funny or just pathetic! Hokey LP art Get Fuzzy is the funniest comic strip our paper has, if not the funniest I've seen since Dilbert. Pink Rambler Story what the hell kind of drugs does your doctor have you taking? WMD (sorry but you must log in here -- you should already have an account, though!) one of my early boyfriends wrote this. says he lives with his cat, so maybe he's gay now?

Tuesday, October 5

Wrappin' it up

I have been beginning to deal with the winding-up of Mpact responsibility for 2004. It's kinda nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when I will be able to get back to doing what I really like. That is, I can plan events instead of being a cheerleader for others. You don't need co-chairs when the event heads are TCB! Thursday night is our big meeting for the year, when we get lots of new members, and I am supposed to be working on a postcard of events, plus promo materials for a package of sporting event tickets we're trying to sell. So, what am I doing? Not homework, or laundry, and not even watching Sex and the City reruns. I am blogging for you people, who may not even be out there, cause I never get comments! But I do have a counter, so I know someone is reading. Strangers, maybe? I promised to give some props to Jay Lawrence, who just told me he is playing a Veep-debate-night joke on his g'friend. For those of you who don't know, he's a big R (he thinks) and she's a big D (fundraiser type). So Jay goes out and makes stickers for her debate-party-guests saying "W is for Women" (which I actually think is so ironic it might be funny) and "[her last name] for Bush-Cheney". Personally, I do not think they have been dating long enough for such hi-jinks! But then, better now when she is still likely to forgive him than later when he has run out of his "get out of jail free" cards. Yes, how like Monopoly real life is. . . .

Missed me?

Hi guys, Sorry it's been a while since I have appeared in print (?) but it's been a weekend! Whew! If you didn't know, Memphis won the football game Saturday, we actually spanked the Univ. of Houston -- woo-eeee! Unfortunately, it was a 1pm kickoff -- which means, you guessed it, early morning tailgating. Gaaahh, did I feel like crap Sunday morning! Cause of course the b'friend is all risin' and shinin' at 6am (gloggggg). And you all know that after an afternoon of football things never wind up at a decent hour. I didn't get home any earlier this time than when it was a 6pm game a couple of weeks ago. Hmmmm. . . lesson to be learned here. . . . Nope, it just escaped me!