Monday, February 26

6 Degrees of Memphis: Half-A$$ed Review

It seems that in order to enjoy the big show Friday, one just had to stay late enough. Not to say that I am ungrateful for the passes at all. (In the interests of full disclosure, let me explain that I have a friend who works at the CVB, who sponosored the event, and she gave me 2 free tix. Which I was really pumped about, even after our friend only paid $5 to get in. Somehow there were 2 prices for the night floating around out there... my other friend paid $8 for the same show.)

What I meant about staying was that, although Holly Cole was enjoyable, it seemed to take a while for the bands to really get warmed up. Jump Back Jake I'd never seen before, but I thought they had some great tunes; it was just like they were phoning it in (or whatever the kids are saying these days). My friend disagreed & said they weren't doing anything very original; I think rehashing good stuff is sometimes better than creating new material that is just more noise in the atmosphere.

I always love Jamie Randolph (was quite pleased to see him at a friend's house party last Halloween) and was tickled that he simply skipped the lyrics to the chorus of Blue Dress. I wonder how other artists deal with getting sick of their own songs... I know a lot of people either quit playing them, no matter how much people beg, or totally revamp them a la Dylan.

Local darlings Snowglobe, though never a personal favorite of mine, really impressed me as having the sh!t together this time. I admit I don't exactly rush to see them every opportunity I have, so they could have been this great before, and I'd never have known.

We ran into a couple of people who said they were leaving to avoid the lung cancer they felt creeping up as they stood in the HiTone, but most everyone else seemed to have a good time. Anyway, props to those who put it together, and conceived of it, and worked hard to make it happen. I hope you raised a lot of cash for the guys going to Austin this year.

Thursday, February 22

So, here's what I'm doing tomorrow nite

On the road to SxSW poor musicians benefit The Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau is supporting a wonderful benefit concert this Friday. It's for a for a great group of local bands who will be competing soon at South by Southwest (SxSW) in Austin. The concert features Snowglobe, Giant Bear, Jamie Randolph and The Bloodsuckers, Jump Back Jake, Holly Cole, and DJ Witnesse.

Definitely will be there! Love these bands, love the HiTone in winter, and think it's a great cause to boot. Must come home after work & nap as am getting over being sick. And am getting too old to party like I used to.

And Sat. night the Memphis Knights Big Band plays at Cafe Francisco, around 7:30 I think.

Sunday I'm brunching it again with the ladies... I know you wish you were coming, but we're far too much in demand to ask you. Actually, we just don't want to share our mimosas with anyone else, if you want to know the truth.

Oooh, also got haircut this week. Is actually a style that requires blowing it out & rolling it, so we shall see... I'll get some pics of it tonite to share with y'all.

Thursday, February 15

Like a prodigal daughter

Yeeeaaah, I guess I've missed bloggin' for a while now. I think posting a real photo of myself is me throwing over the last remaining vestige of my anonymity (no, I'm not drunk). Except, of course, my name. But lately people have been calling me by my nom de plume, or nom de internette, as it were, to my face. In person or whatever.

The reason I've written here lately is that the past few times I've wanted to write something, I've resorted to the lame myspace blog post, which I still believe isn't really blogging. At least not the way most people do it--folks don't link stuff, or ever refer to any other websites, bloggers, current events, et cetera.

Speaking of current events: I was reminded tonite of why I don't watch the local news. It is all about murder and violence, with some high school boys robbing people with a bb gun sprinkled in for novelty. It fukkin' sux, and is depressing, and who needs it anyway? I want news that educates and/or enlightens me somehow, and I'm obviously not going to get it from local or national mainstream outlets. It was interesting, though, that the angle the local news took on the fatal police chase today was that it was only the 3rd one ending in someone's death over the past year. Like that's a good thing. Hell. Maybe, just maybe, considering how many suspects cops try to chase to their death, it is a low percentage.

Also on current events: I was at the 1st of a jazz history series at the main library tonight, where the New Orleans Jazz Ramblers performed. I highly recommend you attend the next one, on March 29 at the Pink Palace Museum. It is sure to be worth an hour or 2 of your time.

Wednesday, February 14

Happy VDay

It was snowing when I left the house this morning, which reminded me of a children's book I read years ago, all about snowflakes in the shape of hearts. Then I got this link in an email from this guy, which totally made my day. Thought I'd share the love with you.

So I am already home sick, apparently too sick to work and yet not sick enough to actually sleep. I hate the in-between phase of illness. When I'm sick, I'd rather feel so sh!tty that I can't think of anything than be well enough to think of the million things I need to be doing instead of lounging around in bed.

I have a conference call in about an hour, and chances are I'll feel to sick to do anything but sit on the line and cough. Luckily, it's using Free Conference, meaning I'll be able to mute & unmute myself with the simple touch of a button. Luckily, I am not expected to say anything much, either, which is just the way I like it. I swear it was a conference call last night that made me sicker.

Monday, February 12

**Who makes up these names anyway?

I did a rare thing today: got my nails did. Yup. Just for me. You might think that spending $180 to go to a fun-filled weekend in Nashvile would count as doing something for me, but I am a demanding gal. This weekend has capped off a 2-month non-stop Serrabee marathon of doing stuff. I only hope the cap doesn't act like one on a nasty tube of toothpaste and resist staying put, letting my life ooze back out of control in a gunky mess. Yick.

So, other stuff going on has obviously prevented me from keeping in touch with many people, and I must admit I like it like that. But it was a shock to see a tres pregnant friend this weekend---she looked adorable, but very pregnant. That just made me realize how long it's been since I've seen her, which is inexcusable considering that she only lives 200 miles away. Of course, in some countries, that's practically equivalent to crossing the Alps.

Anyway, don't feel left out---I haven't seen much of anyone in the past couple of months, which is something I hope will change immediately, if not sooner. Now I'm going to be a nerd and finish watching a program on the history of New Orleans... hey, it could be worse---I could be watching Star Trek or something, right?

**BTW, this is the name of the nail polish I chose.