Wednesday, September 29

Riders on the Storm

Since several of you have asked, I will give the update on the Henderson family in Pepsicola, FL. For those of you who followed hurricane Ivan, you know that it hit land in Mobile, AL, just 45 mins. away from my sister n'them. Yes, they stayed to ride it out. Yes, they lived to regret it. That was two weeks ago, and 9 days later the tree was removed, while only 10 days later their power was restored. The Red Cross was bringing food around in the meantime, and they could cook some things on their gas gril, so the food situation was tolerable.* But I can't imagine living in a partially-smashed-up house with a nine-year-old and 18-month-old, plus livestock. Bill has gone back to work, but Emma's school was damaged or something, and she won't go back for another few weeks. They are very lucky to all be okay and together, so all is well. Except for the massive construction project about to begin on their home, that is. But, hey, now they get some new stuff, right? *Yes, that is a little chip on my shoulder from Hurricane Elvis 2003. I live in a very densely populated area and was without electricity a full 14 days! No Red Cross trucks drove around delivering hot meals to us, either. I was glad for her that they had all this but I just can't get over how Memphis was shafted when it was our turn. If (or when, rather) we have an earthquake, I suppose it will be different, but

Can't believe how out of it I am!

. . . so much so that I didn't even realize that Achewood has been back for two days, and that's saying something about the state of my mind! Thank you, Bill, for introducing me to Phillipe & the gang! I spent all day yesterday, until 11:30 or so, working on a project for tech. writing which I really got into! Whew, if you ever question your nerdiness, just re-read stuff you wrote like this. . . huuuuurr! Hope I get an A, since I actually worked on this one (as opposed to the last couple of exercises in futility in that class). Not that I'm not enjoying school completely, cause -- like I already said, I am a nerd -- I love school. It's so satisfying to be instantly judged, graded, and if you follow the rules you just aren't found lacking. It's so personally impersonal, and by that I mean the work is a personal as you can get, while the grades are wholly objective. Work is just never like that. My favorite boss was the one who actually taught me stuff, not the ones that were nicest or had the best personalities. Can I just be a student forever?

Tuesday, September 28

Good news week not so good for girl blogger

I have already had two bits of good news in the past week, am being mucho productinve, and am enjoying the fab weather, etc., so why am I not cheerfuller? (Achewood is all reruns, though.) One's personality and disposition should work with life forces, not against it. Bllllllll. . . . Is it just me, or is shit like this just not even funny anymore? Finally going to see Claire Bear tonight, which I haven't done since I went to her son's first soccer game of the season, several weeks ago. Five- and six-year-olds playing soccer is a riot, especially when it's their first team game. One poor thing got bashed in a head at close range (ground to head max 2 feet) by a ball and I could practically see stars with him. I think he got the wind knocked out of him -- remember that phenomenon from childhood? It was scary as hell, I remember, and you always thought you just might die in those few seconds before you could breathe again.

Saturday, September 25

O what a strange night

Finally got to see Shaun of the Dead, after laughing at the same preview over & over. Definitely a classic! And not really all that fakey, as I'd expected. After the requisite nap, cause even watching someone else fight zombies wears ya out, was a party. A strange one, in fact. This photog my boyfriend works with was throwing a 21st Bday Bash for his son, only we were some of the youngest people there. Lamar Sorrento was playing in the backyard, which I thoroughly enjoyed for the novelty of it. But, honestly, 2 1/2 hours is just too long to be at the party of some old people you don't know. Of course by the time I got home, all of my equally-oldster friends were in for the night, too. So no going out late for me (waaah). I need a late night out like I need a bed of nails, so I guess it was for the best.

Friday, September 24

Coming soon. . . Photos!

Okay, kids, when I get a chance I will post some photos of my wedding adventure here, promise! Right now I should be cleaning house, grrrrr, but of course got sucked into the old demon 'chine. But I found Kizzle, finally! So some good has come from today's illicit surf. Must ditto her comments on weather, cause it's so fabbo this fall. This summer was gorgeous as well -- we just kept waiting for the inferno that never arrived. Is this Mother Nature's way of apologizing for Hurricane Elvis last year? Works for me! Of course, I didn't have my roof blown off, or a tree invite itself into my home, either.

Thursday, September 23

Effing Lovely

Read this. I always knew news should be entertaining, not depressing. I wish Henry Rollins would come back! Oh, wait, I just saw him like 6 months ago. Hurrr.

Monday, September 20

Long time no me!

Hey kids! Sorry for the prolonged silence -- I went out of town and forgot to mention it before. Oh, wait, I do remember mentioning it but whatever. So the wedding was beautiful, and I'm not just saying that because that's what you're supposed to say! It was outdoor, which is my favorite; it just feels like that's a better place to be. Now, funerals are just fine in a church. I don't like all that graveside service stuff much. I think it's always been rainy or cold for those that I've attended, which is suitable. Anyway, my college buddy's wedding was such a good look at why you get hitched in the first place. And the party wasn't bad, either, considering that she married into a preachin' family (I counted four of them including Grandaddy). Would have been nice to see more of her high school friends, but at the same time, I can't imagine who I'd invite from high school who'd acutually come to my wedding. Urk. Idea of own wedding! Still saying Vegas is the way to go. Honestly, who ever says they wish they hadn't been married in Vegas?

Monday, September 13

Why not me, Lord?

I can't friggin' BELIEVE Oprah! She has gone mad. Did you see that she gave away a new car to her audience members this week? I know she doesn't have to pay for it, but I would worry if I were her. Soon nobody will go watch the show for its own sake, they'll just be there for the freebies. But I bet the audience will cheer like SuperBowl fans from now on. Wait, they already do that. What's wrong with people? Do they just get caught up in the moment, or are their lives that devoid of joy except for Oprah? I am bitter. I admit it!

Entirely Subjective Summer Movie Reviews

Here are my rankings for movies I've seen this summer: groaningly bad: Catwoman (absolute worst), Alien v. Predator, Spiderman 2, Paparazzi, Exorcist suspected of being too bad to be dragged to: Open Water, Resident Evil 2 not too painful: I Robot, Troy (should have been called 'inspired by Homer's Iliad') coincidentally neither an original plot. . . actually v. good: Man on Fire, Maria Full of Grace, Suspect Zero great: Napoleon Dynamite, Dodgeball can't wait much longer to see: Shaun of the Dead

Sunday, September 12

Sunday is for Football

So now that I have a giant TV in the bedroom, and football is on again, I think I can pretty much live in two rooms of the house. (The bathroom isn't included in room counts in the real estate world.) Boyfriend keeps running back to check alternate scores on internet. Just learned that Morris Day used to have a TV show in 1990 called "New Attitude" that ran for, like, less than one season. Of course it did not run everywhere and local TV never carried it where I lived. Too bad the world was deprived of that talent. Purple Rain & Graffiti Bridge were just not enough for the likes of me. Next week will be busy with meetings, a birthday thingy, then off to the wedding thang -- so I might be unable to post. In case I am not on, please watch the weather and think of me! Don't wanna drive in all that mess if I don't hafta.

Saturday, September 11

Crazed weathering

It seems the weather might once again demonstrate its dominance over humanity. We just take for granted that we can control our environment, and then when nature threatens we freak out! Or think about freaking out, anyway, cause this hurricane might mess up my plans for next weekend. Not only am I driving to a wedding in the projected path of the storm, but it is outdoor! I'm glad I don't have to worry about alternate plans for this event. Weddings seem like a lot of unnecessary work and responsibility to me. If I wanted to live with someone forever, have kids and share a future with them, would I feel better after a ceremony binding us together? What about one that works on, like, half the people who go through it?

Thursday, September 9

First of all:

It seems everyone has something to say, presumably something worth sharing with others (although I doubt how much of this is worth it sometimes). But we all must blog away. My info for you today is the ubiquitous movie review. A full month (prolly longer) after it was released in NYC, Maria Full of Grace arrived in Memphis. Definitely worth the time to watch. I cannot say the same for the Exorcist, which happens to be the last film I saw. Entertaining in its way but not frightening the way the original was (when I saw it at, like, 14 or something). But "Maria" was interesting, moving, educational for those of us who are not hip to the drug trade -- and the subtitles were surely worth it. I think they were crucial -- without being filmed in Spanish, the idea that you were in this world would have required more suspension of disbelief.

Tuesday, September 7

Holy asteroids, Batman!

Okay, so the name. Amazingly, there are a couple dozen minor planets actually named after rock'n'rollers: the Stones, the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Zappa. . . yes, even Elvis! But, in fact, they may not be planets at all, but rather planetoids, or asteroids. Is that really a compliment to name an asteroid after someone as great as Eric Clapton? (Incidentally, Jimmy Hendrix doesn't have one though each of the Beatles has his own.)