Thursday, August 11

Thursday is the new Friday

Someone tell me what to do tonight!! I have managed to make plans for the first time in countless months, perhaps this millenium, with a friend from old school days. We only have a small window of opportunity for hanging out cause she has a kid now (yeah, of course it's a girl friend, natch). So here are my choices: Overton Square. Anywhere there---Bayou, Side Street, Bosco's---would be fine w/me but it's kinda tired like yesterday's laundry. Old Zinnie's, as that is our old hangout. Too many cute girls 10 years younger + at least 10 lbs. lighter than us (minus the freshman 15). Celtic Crossing? Patio good. Food bad. Young Avenue Deli. Maybe. I don't think it's really her kinda place. Dish? hmmmmm... I have reached the extent of my adventurousnessity. I need an intervention. Or some trendy friends.

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