Wednesday, August 31

Weird things abound in the life of Serrabee

  1. Weird thing: I ran into a guy this weekend whom I haven't seen in (according to him) 5 years. (No, that's not the weird part.) He then proceeded to tell every guy I talked to that I was his future wife, and not to talk to me. That's the weird---and slightly scary---part of the story. There's more but I'm afraid to mock him in case he starts stalking me, and I don't get the last laugh.
  2. Less weird thing: I just had to wait in line for gas... for the first time ever. It was $2.89 at the Exxon, and $3.19 down the street at Circle K. Yikes!! Wish I had a hybird version of mycar (which they came out with the year after I bought mine, new).
  3. Weirder thing: I got a email last week from a guy I graduted with, who didn't attend our high school reunion 2 years ago, therefore I probably haven't seen this guy since graduation. We only ever corresponded by desk in school (which I guess is another weird thing). He is now in the military---which is the weirdest of all---and when I knew him he was one of the strangest, quietest, smartest guys in school. If they'd had a Least Likely to Join the Military superlative, he'd have won. Now I feel like I should write him back, though I don't know if the fact that he's stuck in Iraq has anything to do with it or not. Maybe I should give him a link here for fun?
  4. Non-weird thing: I had only 2 classes today, which is werid for me but not so much so if you're not me. Tomorrow I will have the other 3 classes in a marathon of about 5 hours. Woo-hoo! Tough getting the old attention span revved up for that one. Also strange is that I am more tired on the days with fewer classes than the days with more.


Karen McL said...

Your dratted "Blogger" comment is not allowing me to use the proper "other" category for posting a comment.


Serrabee said...

If you're trying to post an anonymous comment, I don't allow those.

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