Monday, August 8

Another little-known fact about Serrabee

I have one fewer salivary gland than most of you people. Except for this little girl.
Doctors took a salivary gland from a young patient's mouth and put it into her eye in the hopes of replacing her tears, and improving her chances of getting a cornea transplant.
I don't think it's called a salivary gland anymore if it's making tears. I wonder how they get the ducts all lined up & stuff. What if you're watering your eyes with spittle? I suppose it doesn't matter if you're legally blind.
Dr. Randal Paniello took a saliva gland from her mouth and transplanted it so it now drains into her right eye. If it works, Sierra could then have a cornea transplant and see again. ... "She's all healed. She did great!" says Dr. Paniello.
Yeah she's healed, except that she's still blind, of course. And why did they have to do this rare surgery in the first place? Oh, yeah, because of drugs they put her on in the first place.
Sierra Guillen lost the ability to make tears after a severe allergic reaction to a seizure medication about two and a half years ago. Her eyes are now so dry, she's extremely sensitive to light, always rubbing them. And her corneas are so scarred she's become legally blind, able to see only colors and shapes.
Just take this as an example of what your doctors can do for you: Would you rather be legally blind or risk a seizure? Please, get a second opinion before ever having any surgery.


rolfy said...

I can confirm that most doctors are useless. Ours has been encouraging us to give R a commonly available drug to cure a cough, which contains an additive banned in five countries and known to aggravate a skin condition that the same doctor diagnosed!! Oh, and it is linked to hyperactivity and asthma. All to make medicine taste of strawberries!

Serrabee said...

Although frightening, that truly does not surprise me. In 25 to 50 years we'll look back on this period of Western medicine as having been truly harmful to patients.