Thursday, June 30

Doing Fuji justice

Just realized it looks like Fuji has no head in the first pic, so I'm rectifying that here. Sorry Fuj.

hee hee

The cutest picture you'll see all day, identifying information removed to protect my secret blogger identity. Mine is the dog in the front, who goes by the moniker Max. Don't know what his name was before we met. Fuji's in the background, all 110 loveable pounds of him. The funniest picture you'll see all day is here.

Wednesday, June 29

Serrabee's shopping list:

  1. Hotpad (red)
  2. Bath mat (blue)
  3. Shower curtian liner (clear)
  4. Egg crate matress topper (pink)
  5. Strainer (stainless steel) for making stock
You'd think I was planning to do some cooking soon. Which I am not. Nothing big, anyway -- it sucks to turn on the oven in the summer when I have all 4 A/C units working their little selves to death trying to cool off the house.

Tuesday, June 28

Yes, I really am that busy

Highlights from my life the past few days:
  • I woke up from a dream about a paper I'm writing. It reminds me of the time in high school when I had an entire dream in German.
  • Had a visit from a high school girlfriend for the Seal concert (more on that later, hopefully). It came with a really nice compliment on the blog, but no offer of editing her next archaeological tome.
  • Tried to get car inspected but was intimidated by the droves of procrastinators at my secret inspection station. Secret cause it's never busy. Previously.
  • Decided to organize an anti-Sen. Frist campaign in case the b*stard decides to run for Pres. Email me if you want to join the reisistance. If not, at least email your state senators (in TN, try Sen. Alexander) to ask them to vote against S 2053 next month!!
I really wish I could share more with y'all, but we are getting into crunch time, between the upcoming holiday weekend and end of summer session the following week. I will try to find something entertaining in my little life in the meanwhile. Hopefully the upcoming date will furnish some anecdotes.


to all the Rocky Top Brigadiers stopping by. I totally forgot about joining [almost 2 months ago]. I want you to know that I'm trying to visit y'all, too---unless, that is, you have something in your blurb about 'conservative' or 'Christian' and then I will probably pass. It's only fun to share if we agree on that stuff; otherwise, reading views diametrically opposed to mine is a combination of homework and being polite (cause I don't blog-crash). Of course, you know your comments are welcome, keeping to the rule of not trashing someone on her own blog.

A message from my cousin:

The punk rock wedding was about as sweet as it could be. An Elvis impersonator performed the ceremony. He said, "If anyone here knows why this should not go down--" instead of the usual "Speak now and forever...". Then Ian and Sophia (who looked lovely in a black wedding dress, completely traditional except for the color) slammed beers and smashed the bottles against a pole--a Gallagher-like surprise for everyone in the front row. They wore the tapering bottle tips as rings, and played a great show (Ian plays drums and Sophia sings, in a band called The Chicklettes--which I think is their married name). Oh--and I caught the bouquet.
And he is a boy. Cute.

Monday, June 27


Date called due to homework. It sucks, but I got on quite a roll and what with putting on the mandatory make-up and fixing my hair, I'd never have gotten ready before midnight, an unholy hour to start a first date. So we're on for this Thursday night, late-night, which is okay because I don't have sh!t to do Friday. Apart from the usual sh!t, that is. We are going to try to hear some music, which should be an experience cause I believe he likes Headbanger's Ball-type stuff (I did say he was a little roughneck-ish, y'all). And you know I prefer Queen to Queensryche. So we shall see how that goes down. Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 26

Serrabee has a date!

Woo-hoo! Yeah, I finally have a first date with a not-too-objectionable boy. Not a real date, just a cocktail later tonight at one of the sleazy establishments I am known to haunt. But he's cute and he called when he said he would so I am going to go despite my objections. What? Of course there are objections. Serrabee is one picky chick. One problem is he kind of reminds me of guys I grew up around (remember I'm from east TN). His cuteness is in the roughneck style (not an entirely bad thing -- I am from east TN, like I said). And he was fine to talk to but the sense of humor is just not what I am used to from ex-bf. But let's hope a lot of other things are not what I'm used to from ex, either. Wish me luck tonight, kids, cause I haven't been on a first date in a while & my charm's a bit rusty. Squeak.

Wednesday, June 22

Worse Than Hell = Back Again

You know those really, really offensive t-shirts that make you gasp just before you giggle surreptitiously? Well, they are all back on the market now. Even the grossest ones. Enjoy (yah, know I'm late w/this 1).

Luv the spaghetti monster

Oh, this did have me cracking up! I happened to just have discussed the so-called "Intelligent Design" theory (ever noticed how the ignorant and conservative try to change names when they want a more favorable reception to ideas---like "pro-life" instead of anti-abortion, "struggle" instead of "war on terror" ad nauseum?). Seriously, peoplez, we are still gonna recognize it as Creationism!
Let us remember that there are multiple theories of Intelligent Design. I and many others around the world are of the strong belief that the universe was created by a Flying Spaghetti Monster. It was He who created all that we see and all that we feel. We feel strongly that the overwhelming scientific evidence pointing towards evolutionary processes is nothing but a coincidence, put in place by Him.
Why I laughed so hard must be that the stupid girl in my writing class, who is also a skeptic of the Downing Street memo, kept insisting "ID" deserves to be taught right alongside evolution because it could be valid and that alternatives are just as important as fact. HUH? Props to BoingBoing for the link.

Tuesday, June 21

Be sure to watch Montel today

I have now mentioned Montel for a second time, the other time at Journalissimio, though I'm not a fan of his. But he is doing a show you need to watch today on a health danger associated with vaccines. If you want to know what is really going on in the Senate, with the CDC, and immunization (you might want to, before smallpox & anthrax are made compulsory in a few years) visit the Evidence of Harm website and read the introduction to his new book. Then go buy the book and be astonished by what you read. This article in the June Rolling Stone is good, too. It's going to be all over the media, peoplez. Just as soon as they finish up with the Downing Street memo. (That's my little joke. Ever notice how, unless it involves sex (e.g. Jacko, Monica, etc.) it's not getting picked up by the media? We need them to beat this thing to death like they do everything sex-related in the news. At least go sign John Conyers' letter to the Prez.)

Monday, June 20

shopping list

I want a bike. I also want someone to ride with me, but not in scary places, just the park and stuff. I want to travel somewhere exotic this summer, not just back home or to the Redneck Riviera (no offense, mi familia!). I want all A's this summer. I want Memphis to get a good reggae band again. I want (need) to get my house in shape for out-of-town visitors next weekend. And I want to keep it that way for a while, natch. I want a big, fat nap that will do me some good for a change instead of these wimpy little naps that seem to evaporate as soon as I'm up. I want I want I want.

Sunday, June 19

I'm getting married

Just as soon as my husband-to-be dumps his current girlfriend, that is. Yeah, right. We've only met a handful of times but I'd run away with him in a heartbeat. And he's not really that handsome, objectively. I am totally smitten. I haven't had a crush on someone in forever. It's weird to return to middle school so unexpectedly now that I'm 30. I saw him at a cookout last night, after avoiding him the whole time I was dating someone else because I was afraid I could get myself into trouble. But now he is dating someone else. My timing just isn't working out well right now. So he drove me home and we talked, for a very long time, about the whole situation. He says he should have kissed me when we first met despite the fact that I was dating someone (living with, actually). How can you meet someone once and want to dump a perfectly good relationship for them? He told me he stayed single for months after he met me cause he didn't want to be involved with someone else. I don't know if I believe that. He also said he thinks about me a lot. How can you be in a committed relationship and be thinking about another person all the time? That just wouldn't work for me. It was nice to know that it's hard for him too. Of course, he is still dating her so it can't be that hard. Why would he break up with someone he's been dating for 3 months to go out with someone he's met 3 times? Well, she just can't be as fabulous as I am. Who is?

I'm moving to Cali

Healthiest Cities in America
California shines with healthiest cities
1 San Jose CA 2 Washington DC-MD-VA-WV 3 San Francisco CA 4 Seattle-Bellevue-Everett WA 5 Salt Lake City-Ogden UT 6 Oakland CA 7 Sacramento CA 8 Orange County CA 9 Denver CO 10 Austin-San Marcos TX Cali has 5 of the top 10 ciites, and the closest to the East coast is DC. (Boston was 11th). Nashville is 19, which ain't bad, considering that it's not exactly a pedestrian-friendly place to live. (At least not according to my friends there--hay, congrats on the new house!)

Saturday, June 18

This proves it

I'm not the only one thinking about geeks and nerds. Even the NYT is. Why are you people not contemplating their status? Or at least not sharing your thoughts here? Don't like to comment, or what? I know the login is a pain, but do it once & you're set. So, no more excuses, pepulz. Share & share alike.

Friday, June 17

What a whiner!

So I just realized that yesterday I was whining about not getting to watch any tv, and today I'm wondering what movie to see. I guess I know why I'm not watching tv anymore, right? Durr.

O what shall I see...

  1. Batman Begins would be good, but everyone will be there and you know how I can't stand them.
  2. Star Wars' Revenge--yeah, I know, I'm very late. Shaddap. I been busy.
  3. Me and You and Everyone We Know isn't playing in Memphis yet. Why not? Why do they presume to know what we want to watch if they don't offer it to us?
  4. Mad Hot Ballroom sounds awful, I know, but it might be cute in a way that's not too cutesy for me.
Feel free to offer advice, tips, or suggestions if you've seen any of these. But please don't just email me with "Star Wars rocks!" cause I assure you, I already liked the other 10 hours I've seen of it so far.

Thursday, June 16

When is TV time?

When I was little I was allowed to watch an embarassingly small amount of tv per day. It was doled out like sweets or an allowance. Now if I get to watch an hour of tv it's a slow day. And how do I spend it? Sometimes I squander it on Charmed or something mindless. And sometimes I just have to go to TV Without Pity to catch up on Gilmore Girls. Sad, I know. The Observatorium waxes eloquent about Ashton Kutcher, 6 Feet Under, and now America's Next Top Porn Star (no it's not real--YET). Not that I'd want to watch that show, as anyone who knows anything about 80's porn will agree, but ml's idea of having everyone in NYC or LA being followed around by camera crews made me think: What if I could be followed around by people with tv's since I am too busy to watch it at home? I know, I know, but I have a DVR already and that doesn't help. I do want to see The Closer, which a friend saved for me, but unfortunately she won't follow me around with a tv. It was a nice thought, though.

Wednesday, June 15

Is a nerd a geek and vice versa?

I wondered about the heirarchy of nerd/geek and general-social-outcast when I was reading Roboto's ruminations on high school band geeks a while back. Now the NY Daily News has answered an unasked question: Nerds DO make better lovers. Thanks to Jennifer for the link! But we are still left with the original question regarding the stratification of social outcasts. Is it worse to be a geek than a nerd? A plain ol' geek than a band geek? And what do you call someone like the kid from About a Boy (one of my fave authors, btw) who is generally just not fit to adapt in society and gets eaten up, Darwin-style? I think geeks are too-skinny, four-eyed, bad-haircut-wearing, tacky dressers. They are not necessarily smart; they may be stupider than the average person. But they are socially inept. These guys are geeky. THESE guys are NOT nerdy. It is a trick to make nerds buy their albums. These people are nerds. They even say so! In my school we had "brains" as a branch of nerds, which meant that you were either funny, or hot, or athletic in addition to being smart. It was less of an insult. I also contend that it is better to have the word "geek" modified by "band" than "computer" or something. I mean, back in the day. Maybe not now that computer geeks make all the cash. Of course, band geeks are now rock'n'rollers: ADDITION: Old news flash on how we are all nerds, or nerds have gone mainstream, or something. I didn't read it all the way thru, natch. Yeah, that's Tommy Lee.

This is what I mean about the reading, just found it:

salon :: :: people :: bc :: Phil Jackson, By José Klein :: Page 2: "Relating to players through books would later become one of the hallmarks of his unique approach to coaching. He has assigned To Kill a Mockingbird' to Horace Grant and Nietzsche to Shaq." (See previous post)

Hey, Jackson's back!

Phil Jackson has returned to the once-proud Lakers after getting fired---proving that reading is just as important as ballin. His worst record was better than a 50% season. So was it a mistake to let Jackson go and try to fly on the wings of Kobe, especially during a year where he had more stress on him than ever? Here's what team's the owner said:
"Phil is the best coach in the business and probably the greatest coach of all time."
Yeah, and you're the guy who fired him. And re-hired him. Durr.

Nooo, I haven't been time-traveling

I just got my dates mixed up on a post. I know today is Wednesday. Shit! Garbage day! I must run as it is my favorite--recycling day, too!

Tuesday, June 14

The glory of a Redneck Pool

I've been running around all day (2 trips to the Cemetary and it's 94 degrees). I'm now getting ready to take my first dip in one of those aboveground marvels at my friend's house. You don't have much choice in neighborhoods like we live in---the lots are all so small that a pool would take up the entire back yard. So I encouraged my friend to get one of those cheap (relatively) ones from Home Depot that you put together yourself. I'll let you know how it is! Am I too excited for an occasion like this?

Monday, June 13

Men I have known

I am taking a wee break from dating, and have been thinking about guys in my life over the past ten years or so. Was it all wasted time, or have I actually learned something from some of them? There was the guy who, when I asked one time if something was wrong, he told me he was an alcoholic. And we weren't even 21 yet. I just meant, Was he in a bad mood that day? or something like that. And the one who told me he'd date me if his friend didn't like me more than he did. I never understood that. Then there was the guy who told me he was disappointed my pets weren't older cause they'd probably live too long for his liking. He had a secret fish he never told me about until it died. That was a shock to me--not the fish dying, since I never knew about it--the not knowing about the pet fish when I thought we knew everything about each other. And along the road I dated a guy who stole his own house--pretty creative, or stupid, or both. His loan was through his parents, and when he put the house on the market (never trust FSBO's) he asked for a cashier's check. Probably just stupid. Rumor is he's in Venice Beach now. One summer I actually dated a guy who didn't wear socks with his loafers--eewww! Europeans. What can you say. And another European who smelled sooo sexy when he was sweaty. That freaked me out pretty thoroughly. Then there was the guy I slept with to get over him, or just get past him. Later ran into him at a party as the date of my girlfriend, while I was with pet-hater guy. That was awkward for all 4 of us. And the guy my family all liked. (Hi J, are you reading this?) We'd have made better siblings than spouses. And last, there was the guy I loved so much I actually hated him. That is a scary feeling. So, what do all these guys have to teach me? That I'm drawn to men who are self-confident, funny, charming, and attractive even when they are like hollow men. I don't want my boyfriend to be smarter that I. I never date people I can really lean on. And I learned that there is no substitute for honest, unmitigated physical attraction. Ever.

Man is it ever hot!

I just spent the afternoon at Elmwood Cemetary planning out my tour. It sounds morbid, but it's actually very pastoral & idyllic out there. The place is 80 acres, so I kept it to a small older area of the grounds where all different types of Victorian funerary sculpture are represented. It's amazing what some of these people did -- nevermind the picturesque old headstones -- several of the statues are realistic. Can you imagine having a life-sized figure of yourself commissioned for your gravesite? It was such a different way of thinking about death (crazy old Queen Victoria started all that).

Saturday, June 11

Stupid movie review

I'd never have gone to Mr & Mrs Smith had it not been for free. Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post compared it to "a live-action episode of "The Itchy and Scratchy Show" from "The Simpsons." Ouch. Not far from the truth. She goes on to say:
Granted, it's "The Itchy and Scratchy Show" featuring two of the most physically flawless human beings on the planet. As "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" opens, John Smith (Pitt) and Jane Smith (Jolie) are in couples therapy, each facing the camera directly while an off-screen therapist throws them probing questions. As they deliver the quietly devastating answers that will be familiar to anyone who's been married longer than a year, the true purpose of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" becomes clear: This is a movie about two impossibly attractive mega-stars regarding each other and, in turn, basking in our regard. As long as the audience is okay with that -- as long as they don't go into the theater expecting anything as distracting as a logical story or some kind of emotional arc--well, then, bring on the extra-large popcorn and let the Big Slurps flow.
Don't expect much. I never, at any point, found that something happened I couldn't have predicted before walking into the theater. So the whole time, I obsessed over how they loooked. His only flaw seems to be his cheekbones (too small & sharp) even though I'm no Brad fan. She is gorgeous, anorexic, and very Asian looking in this film--far different from Lara Croft. I mean, from the bits of it I saw (not a fan of that style of movie, really). So did anyone out there like it?

My kids' names

I said the other day they'd be Neon (a girl) or Kudzu (a boy, of course). Too bad for them I'm not having any kids. They'd have been exceptional people. When they were little girls, every woman you now know imagined her future kids' names, or her wedding to the 4th grade boyfriend, or whatever crap we collectively imagined made you a woman, finally a woman. Now, what do they say? Reality sets in, we don't feel the same about our imagined children as we do those we bear in the real world, and maybe the wedding wasn't all we imagined. What do we dream about now? Do we dream, or just worry and plan as we age? I worried so much as a child that it would be hard to do it more now. If this blog is any indication, I spend my mental energy observing & thinking. Time to start doing.

Friday, June 10

This is silly, but I'm going to share with you anyway:

[From MSN daily bs]
Are you over your ex? Are you sure?
By Alonna Friedman (blah, blah, blah deleted here) . . . So how do you know you’re emotionally prepped to take a chance on love? These guidelines will help gauge your dating ability. You’re ready if: 1. His name is no longer part of your lexicon. “You need to talk about your ex to process the breakup and exorcise him from your mind,” says Rhonda Findling, author of Don’t Call That Man: A Survival Guide to Letting Go. “But if you still make references to him months down the line, you’re still preoccupied.” That goes for praising him and badmouthing him. 2. You’ve erased all signs of him. Any reminder, no matter how cute or fuzzy, will let the relationship specter haunt you. Take those photos, the stuffed monkey, and the cheap necklace and hide them in the back of the closet. Even less obvious bits of the past can keep you from moving forward. “I deleted his number from my cell because it came right before my mom’s so I saw his name all the time,” says Carla, 28, of New York City. “Then I got rid all the voicemails I had saved.” 3. Reminders of him don’t cause pain. Some things you can’t put up in the closet. Whether it’s the song you danced to when “I love you” was first uttered or hearing someone order his favorite sandwich in a deli, you should no longer get weepy. Lots of people like roast beef on rye. It’s okay if you’re prompted to remember him briefly, but sad thoughts should not prevail. 4. He has a new girlfriend—and you’re happy about that. “I heard my ex was seeing someone new and I was jealous at first,” says Marie, 29, of San Diego, California. “It was only when I stopped feeling sick to my stomach that I knew I was 100 percent over him.” When you feel genuinely happy that he has moved on, it’s time for you to do the same. 5. You stop comparing new men to your ex. “You can blame it on lack of chemistry, but if you aren’t ready to start a new relationship, you’ll come up with any excuse for why the date was bad,” says Findling. You are over him when you can peg a bad date as just that — bad — and not blame the guy for failing to live up to your ex. 6. Having the weekend to yourself feels fine. When your other half is gone, being alone feels dreadful. How can you get through that unstructured time without that special someone by your side? But eventually that anxious outlook fades. “Weekends were always for couple time, so it was hard to be single on Sundays,” says Linda, 32, of Englewood, New Jersey. “Then one day I woke up and was so relieved that I could enjoy some peace and quiet.” Once being solo is as appealing than being a duo, you’ll have better luck finding another (better-suited) partner. Alonna Friedman is so over her ex she couldn’t pick him out of a lineup.
1. I talk about all kinds of people I don't know anymore. It's not like history with them disappears from my memory. 2. Difficult to do when a third of his shit is still in my house. Working on it. Anyone want to buy a bike, a 32" tv, or a desk? 3. Reminders of anything should not cause one pain. Memory is subject to the will of the brain and if you concentrate hard enough, and squint a little bit, you can quit remembering him every time you watch that 32" tv. 4. If he doesn't have (a) new gf(s) by now, I'd be concerned. The only thing that would bother me is if it's an old gf. Especially one I know about. 5. I will always, always, ALWAYS compare new guys to ALL of my exbf's. New guy usually benefits from said comparisons. If he's not better than everyone I've already broken up with, why would I want to date him? 6. Well, I suppose it's a sign of a bad relationship when you relish any alone time you get. 7. You quit reading shit like this & taking it seriously when you're officially over him. Do I pass?

Keep tabs

Ol' Dustbury has asked the question 'why aren't you non-bloggers blogging instead of reading my blog?' in a shout-out to his readers. Let's see what they come up with. I know there are lurkers and people who make profiles just to be able to comment. Some bloggers shout at these visitors; I prefer to engage them in the discussion. If they will be engaged. If not, well, lurk away in your voyeristic style. That's why we're here, after all. But I ask: Is it more fun on that side of the fence? Cause the grass doesn't look any greener from here.

That was a long post!

Especially for 7am. I have got to quit getting so much sleep!

Thursday, June 9

Sore booty blog

Roller skating isn't for sissies. I have a 2" bruise on my palm and a sore booty from falling in triplicate. But I survived -- apparently to the surpise of my father, who said 2 people went to the ER yesterday where I grew up, 1 from a scooter and 1 from an ATV. I told him I went much slower on skates. But I really can't remember having been since I was 12 years old. It suddenly got uncool when we got into 8th grade. The last few times we went to the skating rink we never actually skated. It was, as a friend put it, the make-out capital of junior high. Of course I never made out there. I may not have too much class to go there, but I have too much class to get my smooch on there. Always have. It occurred to us that there should be an adult skate night, where you're not all distracted by trying not to run over little kiddies as you re-learn to skate. Then, as has been suggested elsewhere, they could play all the tunes we loved back in the day. Later I also thought a dirty hippies' night would go over well, too, based on the number of dirty hippies per capita there. Or maybe just an unwashed, braless, pit-hairy night. Then all the hipsters could go, too.

Wednesday, June 8

Ego Scribo, Ergo Sum

So many bloggers have the 'why-do-i-blog?' post that it's really become quite boring. Most of them bored me from the start, in fact. I'd like to see some 'why-other-people-don't-blog' entries for a change. Let's see what's wrong with them that they haven't jumped on our bandwagon. How do you know it really happened if it's just in your head? I blog therefore I am.

goodbye summer fun

I am busier with 2 classes this month than I was all Spring! And to think I was going to take on another reading-intensive class -- ha! So it loooks like I will not have much summer fun this year, which is probably okay since I am not sure what is really going on around town anyway. Yeah, I'll make it to the Court Square Concert Series, and of course I'll do some other stuff here & there -- but no 'Live at the Gardens' or big, fancy trips or anything. Probably. I just forgot I'm supposed to be going to Kiawah Island next month, but we'll have to see about that. I have to (get to?) research & present a short talk on "Tombstone Art in Elmwood Cemetary" next week. IN Elmwood Cemetary. At 3:30 in the afternoon. I will make sure to choose shady spots for my featured tombstones. I really like Elmwood, and have to encourage all my 4 faithful readers in Memphis to go there sometime (when it's not 97 degrees in the shade). When those cemetaries were designed, they were given serene-sounding names like Woodlawn and Oakwoods, and some of them ended with "Park" or "Gardens" so they seemed like nice places for a picnic. So that's what the Victorian-era Americans did: they had picnics with their ancestors. See, I haven't even started to do research yet -- this is just from reading the book on Elmwood several years ago. Not morbid at all.

Tuesday, June 7

Happy Birthday, Prince!

He is 47. Holy shit. It's like Bizarro World these days. The Kid is eternal. This all reminds me of Charlie Murphy's Prince story on Chapelle.

Monday, June 6


I am already sore from my return to yoga class today. It was one of those classes where the instructor's not doing what you're doing, so she leaves you hanging there while she talks. I haven't done yoga in at least 6 weeks, anyway (my fault). The class was 75 minutes long instead of the scheduled 55 (her doing!). Did I mention she's not my fave yoga instructor there? Oh, right, you figured that out already.... All this after I spent an hour in the gym this morning. Ouch. Just trying to make up for lost time, which all the old sages tell you is impossible. I like to attempt the impossible and achieve the improbable (like keeping up this friggin' workout schedule!). Tomorrow is spinning class so get ready for a sore bum complaint from Serrabee! A friend invited me over to his hot tub tonight but since I know for a fact that he is a nekkid not-tubber, I doubt I will be able to make that date. Sorry, but it is just too weird. We are not that sort of friends. So I will enjoy a hot shower here, maybe a bath with epsom salts, and probably be in bed by 10:00. Did I mention summer school started today? Ouch again. Sorry my life is boring lately but I will have an exciting roller-skating post for all you faithful readers, if you can hold out a couple of days! Maybe it will be another sore bum post, but I hope not!

Friday, June 3

wearing a thong?

Apparently it can be dangerous. That is, more dangerous than you thought. What also got me is the amount of money they say British women are spending on lingerie in a year ($150~). I don't spend that much--am I not spending enough? Or are they spending too much? Would my sex life be better if I spent $150 on lacy new panties in the next 12 months? Or are they silly for spending money on things they never get to see, anyway? I say that's a great gift for men to get women--it's a gift that keeps giving. It's not like I'm going to wear that stuff with no one to see it, so why not have the people who get to enjoy it both select it and purchase it? Makes sense to me. Now can someone tell me why guys never buy me lingerie for Valentine's Day? I think they are afraid to. I can be a scary person to shop for. I am choosy. But hey, you're the one who has to like it, not me, guy.

Thursday, June 2


I have just learned that Bosnian isn't a language, although Bosnians speak Serbo-Croatian (which is weird cause I thought they all hated each other). Anyway, it's Greek to me (and the Greek guys I met, by the way, were the most polite & spoke English almost exclusively when I was around--no guesses as to what they said when we were gone, though).

it's time--

for the Sisterhood Showcase (and Outreach, apparently--the name change is a new one). I've always wanted to go but, being white, supposed I'm not part of the true sisterhood. Ethnicity has a way of excluding just as much as it includes. White people just don't experience the exclusion that much cause we're all over the place pretty much wherever we go. Try dating someone from another country, another race, or religion & you'll see what I mean. I've done all 3 and it's really weird. I'd say foreign-speaking boyfriends are the worst cause all their rude friends start speaking Turkish or Bosnian and you don't know what the hell is going on but you laugh anyway at their jokes which would likely be unfunny in any language. Ha ha ha ha ha. Anyway, chances are you will not see me there this weekend. I'll try to come up with a plan soon -- it' s only Thursday, so I'll figure out something, I'm sure. Any suggestions?

my new favorite blog

Check out The Freed. Some excerpts:
Zero Beat to the MAX! I wanted the username thefreed so bad... but some faggot already took it... I am Korean! I hav brown eyes,I always change my hair style
I don't understand but I am intrigued despite myself. Also intrigued by Sexy Watermelon Cutting. Google that!

Wednesday, June 1

ACL music fest, anyone?

Who wants to go? Loads of great acts are signed up this year. Send me an email if you're up for it & we can carpool, caravan or whatever to Austin. I'll be working on free housing. . . ! It's Sept. 25, btw.