Tuesday, August 2

I taste like ciggies

Yik. I quit smoking about 5 years ago, when I bought my house & made the no-smoking rule for it. So it's not often that I taste like cigarettes, obviously, but today I had lunch at Garibaldi's (yik again) and I have smoky mouth. Nobody kiss me. I tried brushing but think I am extra-sensitive to smoke flavors now. Like, for example, I can't stand the smoked duck spring rolls at Bosco's. Just one of those things. The Garibaldi's get-together was some people from class, which I thought was to celebrate finishing our exam; apparently, this is a guy ritual to go drink pitchers after class every day. Liquid lunch (didn't that go out in the 80's?) It's a gender class---which makes me wonder, do they go there for a masculine bonding ritual, or to talk about chicks?---and I should just know better by now than to talk to guys who wear baseball caps backwards about reality. Cause they never get it. I'm going to go brush again. Wish me luck. Yik!

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David Holt said...

Well, I followed your advice about archival, and now am infinitely wiser.