Friday, August 19

I'm off

Time to head to N'ville for the weekend, so I'll be away from here until Sun. nite or Mon. As I mentioned, I think, I've got tix for the KOL/Secret Machines show tomorrow night at the Ryman. (Here's the un-enlightening review from Gothamist. Just the sort of thing you might read here.) I'm sure I will see many dirty-on-purpose people there, but I'm hoping Nash. doesn't have as large a population as Memphis. Hoping. I think my friends are going to take me on a tour of their favorite places around town, which should be fun for me considering my past experiences there. Usually I end up in chain restaurants or the Wild Horse Saloon or something equally hideous. I will try to share my more positive experiences here next week. It's got to be better than some N'ville blogs I've read lately...! Enjoy your weekend. I plan to do the same.

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