Monday, August 15

Weekend Recap

I had a super weekend with cherries on top! Thursday night was great, although all we did was talk & drink. There is nothing like catching up with friends you've had for years. What's funny about this friend is that we're better friends now than we were 12 years ago when we first met (wow, writing that made me feel old!). Friday night was a graduation party for a girl in my writing program, who happens also to be the cousin of another girl I met in college the first time around (confused yet?). So catching up with her was great, and I can't remember when we've had a chance to just talk. But I wonder why my g-f invited me and not the other girls in the program, who we were both friends with... and it seemed to be mostly family anyway. But it was still fun, with poker, darts, and pre-schoolers dancing like strippers. I digress. Saturday found me up too late to do all the things I promised myself I'd do, so it was easy to put them off until "tomorrow" (since tomorrow never comes). I had a problem. I had a baby shower and no gift, no idea of the imminent baby's gender, and no memory of their wedded last name. I'm friends with the girl, anyway, not the guy. Never met him. And she & I are the kind of friends who have known each other most of our lives but don't talk much. What's a girl to do? The party was early afternoon, I had no gift, no baby-style giftwrap, and no idea how to find them in the registry. Well, I am quite resourceful, and not the type to pay too much attention to the registry anyway. So I threw some gender-neutral baby stuff in the Target cart and sped away to the party, parking down the street from the party to create my masterpiece of giftwrap. I am a genius when it comes to procrastination. When that was over I headed home to bathe the dog, then myself, and prepare for the evening's birthday party celebration. What I needed was a nap, but sometimes they just don't come on command. So I prettied up & met some out-of-town buddies for a drink/snack at Cafe 1912. We had a really good time except for the fact that the place was so hot (the kitchen is open to the restaurant) and they took forever to get our checks. I never understand why the part of the service that comes right before tipping is often so poor. Whatever. I then went downtown to Swig to meet up with the birthday/graduation girls, Kristen & Charla (respectively) and met some losers at the bar who ended up buying copious amounts of alcohol for our party, so I forgave them some initial loserliness. From there we called the Raiford's limo service to convey us down to their spot, but they showed up so fast (wow! service!) that I stayed behind with Eye Dr. and the Japanese Pimp to finish our drinks. As usually happens, Raiford's was a blur and I did more than my fair share of dancing. Acutally I was danced with more than I cared for. I am not a rag doll, Mr. Frat Boy. Eric from the BBQ Shop tried to rescue me, but eventually we all just left. There is a point at which it becomes too croweded even for us. The rest of the crew headed to Denny's, while I headed off to sleep with visions of cute Eye Drs. in my head. Actuallly I just passed out with my contacts still in. On Sunday, understandably, I slept in for a while. Then ripped the contacts from my eyes, I pretty much laid in bed the rest of the day. Do you ever have those times when you just can't make yourself motivate? That was me after 3 days of non-stop celebrating. But it wasn't over yet: Barb from the Hi-Tone & I had plans after graduation to celebrate hers. No that she walked---if you know her, you already knew she's not the type---but we had to celebrate anyway. Just small stuff, since we are both on the old side & wiped out from the night before: dinner at the Young Ave. Deli, followed by a couple of pints at the Glass Potato, and then on to Bosco's (ooops, closing time) and quickly over to Bleu Monkey for yet another pint (only $2.50 on Sun. night--I had a Harp, but wished I'd gotten the Franziskaner Hefeweizen, which I will next time--yum!). It was a perfect night for sitting outside--we're lucky to have great patio-oriented restaurants here. Tired out, I returned home & slept for around 9 hours. Finally recovered. Forgot Danita's going away bash at Cafe Ole--and we were right next door! Oooops again.

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