Sunday, August 7

Hope you did your part this weekend

If not, you have all week to catch up on your binge drinking. Yeah, I'm too busy to post anything especially interesting---I'm helping a friend paint her studio since she's moving to LA, then I have homework:
  1. Argue why a 6-month waiting period should be introduced into TN's marriage laws
  2. Write an essay using the feminist methodology of criticism (American, French, or British) on Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper" and Hurston's "Sweat"
I did go out last night, but it was a complete failure at having fun. You know those nights where you just never find The Party? That was us. There was no good music to hear, so we barhopped unsuccessfully, and then I got stuck sitting by You Know Who at Bosco's. Yik. I did see an old friend for the first time in... maybe 6 or 9 months? I'm not sure. It's a weird feeling to have someone know something you cannot recall telling her---and then have her say, "yeah, I read it on your blog". We are too lazy to keep up with people individually, so we create mechanisms by which we can communicate with several of them concurrently.


Memphis Word Nerd said...


I'm sure that this anonymous friend is very sorry for her absenteeism. :-)

Serrabee said...

Hey, how 'bout your blog absenteeism, sister?