Tuesday, August 9

Think it's gonna be one'a them sad days

I started out listening to downer music this morning, which I should know better than to do. It colors the entire day when I do that. The morning news is better--at least that gets me righteously angry. For once I didn't awake to the sounds of my neighbors having a giant family reunion/party in their driveway, just a couple of yards from my bedroom window. I did notice for the first time this season leaves blowing around the street in the wake of cars, and underfoot on our daily walks. It's early for it, maybe since we've had a dry July/August. Fall is actually my favorite season. I get excited about summer and all, but when the light starts chaging to autumnal gold and the air gets just a little cooler and less oppressive, that's my time. Now that I don't dread school starting, that is. Used to be that I hated going, and faked sick so many times I got called to juvenile court. I almost failed 2nd grade because of excessive absences. Now I love school, and I'm looking for a way to spend a few more years at a PhD program. Funny how life is.

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