Tuesday, August 16

My new hero

Rocker Tommy Lee is glad he chose alcohol when his ex-wife Pamela Anderson asked him to choose between her and drink - because his fans would have been disappointed if he ditched his wild lifestyle. The former Baywatch beauty's father was an alcoholic, so she begged the Motley Cure star to stop getting drunk, because it brought back unhappy memories. But he refused to shatter his rock 'n' roll reputation. He explains, "Here's the deal. Her father was an alcoholic so she's very sensitive about it. She'd freak out hearing an ice cube hit a glass. " From the stories she's told me I think her father was pretty crazy and I reminded her of that. "I didn't want to give up drinking because I believe I can have moderation in my life. I did give up for a year, but I felt my fans would be disillusioned if they met their favourite rock star and he was drinking Evian."
And we're glad, too, Tommy, we're glad, too. (I'm using this pic again just cause I can. He looks hotter than a grasshopper at a BBQ on the 4th of July.) [LINK]

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