Monday, August 29

Not so fast!

Looks like Katrina will be kinder to the Big Easy than we thought yesterday. The flood damage remains to be seen, though. I am thankful that a lot of the structures were relatively undamaged by the wind, and of course that it doesn't look like as many people were killed as in Category 5 storms in the past. However, I feel sorry for those poor b*stards in Mississippi, as they are even more unprepared for this storm. The resulting steep gas prices are making some of us wonder: will Bush allow the petrol reserve to be used in this time of crisis? I wonder, considering that how high gas prices are now (I think $70 a barrel) is simply speculation of supply-and-demand issues that haven't yet arisen. In other words, will Bush release some of the stockpiles now, before prices top $3 a gallon, or will he wait until it's too late, as he has done with everything else in his administration?
The Bush administration said it was considering whether to use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in response to any supply disruptions caused by Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005 after swirling through the Gulf of Mexico. The petroleum stockpile consists of more than 700 million barrels of crude oil stored in underground salt caverns in Louisiana and Texas. --AP
UPDATE: I re-re-added the picture Blogger was stopping you from seeing before. And I was just thinking... a friend of mine (who my last bf called a socialist) said this weekend that he hopes gas prices here go thru the proverbial roof, at least as high as in Europe, so that perhaps Americans will quit buying SUVs and driving when we could walk or bike. I am afraid I'm guilty of the latter sin of driving more than I should. I think I'm fearful of my environment, and the car offers a metal layer of protection from crime. Or maybe it's like an addiction, something you want to stop--you keep telling yourself you can quit anytime, you'll bike to work next week, when it's not so hot/stops raining/is warmer than today. And you never do.


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