Sunday, July 17

Goody goody gumdrops

This is the cutest elucidation of the 7 so-called "Deadly" Sins I've seen. Plus, Emmy noms are out:
NBC's Will & Grace, which despite declining ratings scored nods for all of its stars (save Debra Messing)....
Good. maybe now we won't have to hear about how Debra Messing is the next Lucy Ball. She's just a redhead, not a trailblazer like Lucy. And apparently Eva Longoria was the only woman in the cast of Desperate Housewives skipped over, as well. Serves her right for relying on nothing but a giant head atop a teeny body and a character full of sexist, racist stereotypes to get famous. So really, my only complaint is Jennifer Garner's nomination. Give me the intense training & makeup artists she's had in Alias and I'd do just as well as she has. Maybe better. Nooo, I'm not just jealous of her man. I hated her before she stole my make-believe boyfriend, when she was just a no-talent-havin' talking head.

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