Wednesday, July 6

History Lesson

Len C gives us a much-needed history lesson in everyone's favorite household appliance. I'm not exactly sure how comfortable I am with the slideshow---probably NSFW for those of you who are employed at conservative places---but it's quite educational. Weird to see what lengths people will go to in order to disguise anything sexual (i.e. vibrators sold as "hand massagers"). Original article on Slate. Also listen to NPR's coverage of AL's ban on sex toys. Plus I remembered seeing an irate letter to the Ed. of the Flyer last week:

To the Editor:

I picked up your Summer Issue '05 (June 16th) to read the article about Scandaliz Vandalistz by Bianca Phillips. A few pages later, Phillips listed her "cool spots" on Summer Avenue. At the top of the list? Paris Adult [Theatre], which in its supreme coolness "sells and rents porno movies — gay, straight, and fetish." Pornography is completely not cool, and I am appalled that The Memphis Flyer would describe it as anything but detrimental, degrading, and dangerous. In the future, please act with discretion and responsibility. Gwen Daniels Memphis

It made me laugh out loud. First, when has the Flyer acted with either discretion or responsibilty? And next, don't they always have pages of strip club ads? So they're obviously not anti-porn, knowing the lenient regulations on Memphis strip joints.

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