Friday, July 15

La de da

I love a good discussion as much as the next girl, but for some reason gender seems like as anger-making as any other discussion (reigion, politics, childrearing). In my sociaology class today --- just a requirement that fit my schedule --- we got off on a huuuuge discussion of PMS. Do I really need to hear about everyone's experiences with women's menstrual cycles? These 5 frat/ROTC boys seem to think because they're in the minority that their opinions are valuable to the 15 women in the class. Even the Bosnian fraternity guy who seems to think that to know someone who is a woman that he is an authority on women? Puh-leaze. Maybe I don't really like just any discussions; maybe I only like discussions among intelligent people based on fact; maybe I don't like paying good money to hear the frat boys' experiences of gender. Neither does my friend George in the class---but he says he doesn't talk cause all these other guys fill up the airspace. There is something wrong when 75% of the regular speakers in th\ room come from the 25% minority. Men, get this: we may want to talk all night about what you think, remember, or admire about us as individuals---but we just don't want to sit in class listening to your prejudices and stereotypes about our gender. Thanks.

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