Thursday, July 7

Missed a post

Somehow I lost my 4th of July Extravaganza post from Monday. (We celebrated early.) Maybe you can catch some pool party pix on mL's site. Someday. Whenever she gets around to posting them. Anyway, there were some great photos early on in the day, but as things went on we were much worse for wear. So was the redneck pool. Well, they did say they wanted to know how many people could fit in there at one time! A: Quite a lot, but you lose a lot of water that way. It looked quite deflated the next morning. I think patching up the ciggy burn hole, re-filling, & shocking it w/chemicals did the trick. Anyway, a good time was had by all. For your viewing enjoyment I will share jami's fireworks pix since mine sucked. Partly due to poor camera quality; partly due to operator error; partly due to smokers on the horizon (e.g. right upwind of the photographer!). I never want to take pictures instead of enjoying the show. The one exception was filming Sheryl Crow show at MusicFest---maybe 1999?---right after she got her hair cut very short (I liked her better then). That actually made the show better---more memorable at least---for me and my companions in crime. We were so close to getting busted. I'd have cried if they caught us but we played innocent. It's creepy how those security guys can wade into a crowd of thousands and make a beeline for one person doing something like filming an illegal video.
p.s. to Kizzle: I checked & the post did say flying, but meant as in speedy---not airplanes. You were right, I was wrong, yadda yadda yadda....

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