Wednesday, July 13

Fabulous chicken salad

I have finally, through much persistent hard work, bribery, and blackmail, obtained a recipe (of sorts) for fabulous chicken salad. It is really just a set of vague instructions:
Boil 6-8 chicken breasts in water with garlic powder & meat tenderizer until done. When they've cooled, shred them to an almost powdery consistency in your Cuisinart (or any food processor). Dump it all into a bowl, adding more garlic powder, Mrs. Dash original seasoning, celery seed/salt, and S&P to taste. Actually, wait to taste it until you've added enough mayo to make it creamy. Not too much or it makes a gross sound when you squish it with a fork (and then you won't want to eat it). Add diced onions, celery, pecans, walnuts, and grapes if you want.
I highly recommend you try it today. If you like it, I have a recipe for super curried chicken salad that's yummy, too. *Note: Don't make the mistake of thinking Miracle Whip is the same as mayonaise, if you're Southern. Trust me. It's salad dressing, and while that's fine for some things---like devilled eggs---it just isn't the same in chicken salad.

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"...And then you won't want to eat it."