Thursday, July 21

Thursday night and Friday will be on Tuesday night instead

Apologies to World Party. I have an exam & a paper due tomorrow, so I'm just really excited about getting an early start on my weekend. Of course, I still have to be a seat-warmer by 9am Friday, so I can't get 4-in-the-morning crazy. But I don't think I'll be staying in and watching 30 Days tomorrow night, either. I just watched the coolest episode last week, I think it was. Did anyone see the Dancing Rabbit commune one? I think I want to live there. Except for dumpster diving---what if somebody comes out with a shotgun while you're rifling thru their bins, thinking you're giant racoons? I'll probably catch up next week---tonight was the season finale, but didn't look too promising. It's about binge drinking, and I don't believe watching a middle-aged woman drink copious amounts for a month will prove anything to her college-freshman daughter. But we shall see, Morgan Spurlock, we shall see.

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ml said...

I still have a World Party CD that I got for my 16th B'day. That's a good song.