Friday, July 22

memphis is

memphis is not memphis is reality memphis is worrisome memphis is a party kind of street memphis is definitely elvis' town memphis is an equal opportunity/affirmative memphis is a party kind of street where the music is sweet memphis is dead if money or poltics don't prosper memphis is lyrics from songlyrics memphis is a venue memphis is dead memphis is a gamer's delight memphis is sixth at raising cane memphis is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer memphis is continually evolving and so is its major metropolitan area memphis is however coming back to life according to residents memphis is an international marketplace memphis is under construction memphis is growing memphis is rich memphis is just up the road memphis is the greek translation memphis is the opposite of virtual memphis is where blues music was first put on paper by wc handy memphis is the 18 th largest US city with a population of about 650,000 memphis is the largest city in the southern state of tennessee memphis is also the birthplace of the blues memphis is pretty alarming memphis is known the world over memphis is the "pork barbeque capital of the world" memphis is committed to matching the talents of its dancers to your specific needs memphis is the 18th largest city in the us memphis has a land area of 295 sq mi memphis is the greek name for the administrative capital of ancient egypt memphis is birthplace of modern wrestling memphis is a conservative memphis is dead memphis is dead memphis is at the gateway to the mississippi delta memphis is a great choice for family vacations or business travelers memphis is dedicated to the promotion of awareness about earthquakes memphis is the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock and roll memphis is dedicated to being a leader in technology memphis is at your doorstep every day memphis is no easy task memphis is a great place to live memphis is a city with an identity problem memphis is the largest city in the state of tennessee memphis is one square mile and was named after memphis memphis is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to live memphis is located approximately 60 miles from the center of the us population memphis is heavily touristed with many attractions from graceland to mud island memphis is making great strides but remains separated by race memphis is known around the world for two kings memphis is where the music is memphis is upgraded to give customers luxury experience memphis is the regional center for the degrees at a distance fire service program memphis is one of the best albums elvis presley ever made memphis is where it's rocking memphis is an outstanding anthology of stories memphis is expanding its lead overall as north america's logistics center memphis is also the birthplace of holiday inns and famous for tasty ribs My favorites in bold. I would like to add that Memphis is also the name of an of Italian design group from the 80's. That's just like me, putting my 2 cents in (isn't it weird there's no cents symbol on the keyboard, just a $?). Courtesy googlism, edited by Serrabee.


paranan said...

I just woke up from this long-ass dream with you, Henry and your entire family in it. There was even this little boy named Jordan who wanted a kitten.

I just had to relay. I swear the dream seemed to last for hours and hours and hours. We were looking at Google Maps the other night and Matt said that he had never been to Hot Springs. Apparently that conjured up the memory of the 50th anniversary party that we went to there.

I'm going to drink more coffee so I can wake up and hopefully stop rambling on and on in your comments.

Have you done the thing above with your name?

Serrabee said...

I like rambling comments!

I've googlism-ed my real name and the nickname (which Henry's mom gave me, incidentally) and here is the sum of it:

... is so sick
... is near death
... is also sick and in a lot of pain
... is too sick to leave without any rest

here is my real name:
... is put in charge of controlling mosquitoes
... is your most beautful girl
... is so sweeeetttttttt
... is still living
... is downstairs
... is the first girl
... is cast to the streets
... is all dressed up for her first day of school
... is just one of many blessings that god has given me since my salvation
... is on medication to control seizures
... is finally allowed to return home
... is quite bright

Much better.