Saturday, July 23

Tapped out

I am utterly, absolutely, and thoroughly exhausted. In relation to yesterday's ruminations and recriminations, I'd like to tell you some things I don't like about living here:
  1. You can't do certain things for about 3 months out of the year without getting heatstroke or risking sun poisoning. Like mow your lawn, even after the sun has gone behind the trees (I just tried that this evening). Or golfing (a friend tried that this week). Or go to the Hi-Tone when anyone else is there (tried that last month). I'm sure there are other examples, but my point is all you can do is lay about in a pool sipping lemonade from June to September.
  2. The casinos are close enough to suck tourist traffic and cheesy rock shows out, but not close enough to make real crossover for gamblers into the city a viable option. It's a cash drain, and I don't like to gamble, so it's a lose-lose for me.
  3. Uninsured motorists. And having my license plate clipped, in effect stolen, last weekend.
  4. The politics of non-profits and government here. It's too mired in years of mutual back-scratching and historic corruption. We need to consolidate, throw everybody out, and start over. Now.
That's about it. I'm pretty happy here, provided the job market offers something for me in a few months. Not too picky---I'll take something that falls short of fulfilling my soul (it's pretty full already, anyway)---as long as it doesn't lower my quality of life like my last shitty job did.

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