Friday, July 1

Wouldn't it be nice

if we didn't have to watch all those pre-movie commericals? Many people would be happy with just the previews, and I for one would be much happier with nothing but whatever I've actually paid to see. I can't tell you how many previews we saw for Open Water---so many that I thought I'd seen the movie itself. Of course when it came out, it flopped. Probably because we all felt like we'd seen enough of it in trailers. Or maybe because they stressed it was a true story---ick. So I decided what I want to do for a living. Wouldn't it be fun to be one of those people who interprets body language for People and US? Maybe I could even analyze handwriting on the side. And wouldn't it be great if the driving test really weeded out people who couldn't drive? I'd glady take one every year with my tag renewal if it would help. I almost rear-ended some crazy bitch yesterday who was completely stopped in the left lane of Central (heading west---if she'd have been moving, that is). I came around the corner at Buntyn---the light was green---and there she was, a few yards past the intersection, sitting her stupid SUV-non-driving ass in the middle of the lane. So of course I deftly move into the right lane to avoid her, no biggie, cause I'm used to driving in Memphis. What does she do when she sees me coming around the curve at 40mph? She pulls into the right lane!!! I laid down a few inches of rubber but did not either hit her or get out of my car and beat her sorry ass. I am not a violent person normally. But, damn! Thanks, I do feel better now.


Memphis Word Nerd said...

I hate crazy drivers. I can't believe you didn't get out and stomp her ass. Come on, where's the East TN redneck in you? Can't you find that streak? My AL redneck is alive and well!

Denman said...

Been reading you for a while, love your journal. :) By the way, you posted a while back about not getting the deal with kids and neo pets, so I went to look and now the whole dang family is addicted. Thanks, it's been a bunch a fun!