Friday, July 1


So we went out last night, just for a little while, cause when you don't go out until 11:30 and you're 30 years old, you just can't stay out too late. It was fine---Cory Branan at the Hi-Tone---but Serrabee is not at her best at the witching hour. Didn't help that I had my near-nightly ritual phone call with my dad (aka 'Dud') before getting ready to go out. The body remembers these things and prepares you for slumberland whether you want it to or not. Anyway, like I said it was fine but not really very date-like. We just drank a couple of beers---the air conditioning didn't seem to be functioning---and chatted in between songs. It was not one of Cory's better shows, not that most of them are, and he pulled Ben Nichols up on stage with him to help out. Of course then they just got drunk together (with some help from Rachel of Scenestars) and it all went pear-shaped. So we talked a little, but not too much, which is good for getting to know someone. Dinner & a movie is just too high-pressure. I remember a couple of first-date situations that were either dinner or a movie, and you have either too much time to talk (dinner) or not enough (movie). Unless the movie leads to conversation, and it was so great you have to talk about it over drinks afterward. Like Fight Club. But I digress. It was just not sparkling conversation like I had with my last b.f., and I don't know if I'm so ready to date again that I end up with someone. . . well, just end up with someone. I think maybe I'm better off alone right now. It's sad to think that you either put up with someone on one end of the personality spectrum, sparkly brilliant but dangerous, or settle for someone one the other end, relatively dull but safe.

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