Wednesday, September 28

Where do you draw the line?

More importantly, where do I draw the line? That is, the line between public & private worlds. I was put in mind of this recently when I ran into a fellow-blogger recently (okay, I knew I was going to see him, in fact) but I didn't expect to have to explain our history to his date (whom I'd never even heard of). Ahem. While he took a phone call around the corner we were left to make girly small-talk---which I am only okay at---and she asked how we knew one another. I personally think that is a weird question, unless you are suspicious of your guy. So what else could I do? Lie to someone I'd never met, had no reason to be embarassed around? Nah. So I told her the embarassing truth: we both have blogs & word gets around, etc. Turns out, later in the evening under cover of loud music, when I told him she'd asked that---I just thought it was funny, which is why I'm telling y'all---he seemed to think I should have lied, by his comment. [In that case, why had he not made up a pre-emptive lie? Cause you know it might come up, and if you care you should let me in on these things. For future reference: let me in on the lie, or expect me to tell the truth!] Anyway, the next problem is this: she proceeded to ask me where I blogged. How stupid does it sound to say "It's a secret, as is my online identity" a) to someone you just met, duh!, and b) will never see again, when c) you don't really have anything personal on your blog anyway? Of course I told her. Days later, when I saw someone had googled "serrabee blogspot" I was like, Crap, now I have a stalker!---or whatever you call it in that case. And the crazy had been reading for over half an hour. Jeepies! as Velma would say. My blogging life passed before my eyes, as I wondered if this was the line I didn't want crossed, or if it was somewhere down the road? Then I realized it was my friend I'd recently told about my blog, based on my new theory that this is the best way for me to keep in touch with my friends these days. That is not nearly as weird as someone googling "blog salivary glad surgery" or some other things I've heard of from friends. But still, this experience led me to think it is better to keep my secret blogger identity a true secret, even from other bloggers. Except those who already know me, cause I can't help that. So I re-resolve not to post photos of me, or attend blogger gatherings, or anything of that nature unless I'm getting paid to write a book.

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