Tuesday, September 6

Happy Birthday to Me

It is Serrabee's first birthday tomorrow. I love this song by Cracker. Play it & love it, too! Blogger was not happy with me this weekend, so I wasn't able to update. That's okay, as it was an uninteresting few days for the most part---trust me. I mowed the lawn, trimmed a few hedges, wrote a paper (yes, already!) and watched a crappy football game. The tailgate part was fun, though. Oh, and also had lunch with ex-b.f. #21. Or whatever # he is (was). We ate on the patio at Fresh Slices, which opened on Overton Park St. last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed my giant vegetable sandwich---roasted eggplant, squashes, & red pepper slices---yum!

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charly said...

Yeah, my die-hard Memphis friends wouldn't talk to anyone for an hour after the game. The game did suck.