Thursday, September 29

Ay, carumba!

Looks like John Roberts will be with us for a while. Kids, that just goes to show you what knowing the right people can do for you! Yes, Justice Roberts made a swift rise to the supreme position of all the courts in the land, all on the merit of his relationships with influential people on both sides of the party divide. (Did you know he is also a beer in the UK?) Look at Tom DeLay, on the other hand: He hasn't made solid bipartisan friendships and he's on his way out. Actually, I think this is a case of something unethical being so common that the lone guy who gets caught feels like he's done nothing wrong because "Everybody's Doing It" ---ethical lines can get blurred pretty easily in the real world. Now we can all worry about who is up next on the Bushite roster of USSC Justice nominees. *shudder*
  • Harriet E. Miers, the White House counsel, who is a leader in the search for Justice O'Connor's successor. Ms. Miers, 60, was the first woman to become a partner at a major Texas law firm and the first woman to be president of the State Bar of Texas. At one point, Ms. Miers was Mr. Bush's personal lawyer.
Real-life quote from Bush (does he listen to himself speak??):
...the president said Monday, in response to a question about how close he was to choosing a successor, that "diversity is one of the strengths of the country."
Oh, yeah, and replacing a dead white conservative man with a living white conservative man totally promotes diversity!

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