Wednesday, September 21

Love the sin, hate the sinner

I feel like I'm getting religion from all sides lately. Not as in "getting it" like I comprehend it, or the human need for religious belief, or whatever it is. But with classes in history (of women in America), literature (Shakespeare), and the New Testament itself---I feel barraged by Christianity. I need a martini. It's so weird to be a stranger in your own land---apologies to Heinlein---which is how it feels to those of us left out of the cultural mix. If you grew up without religion, or television, or some other aspect of pop culture (yes, I just called religion popular culture), then you're missing some of the bits that make us able to relate to one another on a simple level. You are Other, not of this world. It's like trying to talk to someone much older---or younger, depending on your place in the space-time continuum---and talking at cross purposes. Whenever I talk to my octogenarian aunt, we miscommunicate on something or another. Just unfamiliar with each other's jargon, cadence, whatever; it's not because we're unfamiliar with each other, since we are the only family each of us has in Memphis. It's the culture barrier, or that we've been socialized so completely differently growing up in such different decades. And, she's a good Christian. Hee-hee.

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