Thursday, September 15

Celebrate Citizenship Day

I have tried to be a good citizen, in my own way, but I'm not sure that all right-wingers would agree with me so much. What is a good citizen? Well, if you mean a world citizen, I think that means standing up for injustice all over the world---like Amnesty Int'l does---and being responsible consumer of the environmental resources---like the Sierra Club encourages; if you mean a good American, I think that means being educated and active concerning your government. Can you think of any aspect of your life, public or private, that is not affected by government? So in honor of Citizenship Day, let me recommend celebrating your citizenship in one or more of the following ways:
  1. harass your representatives about something you believe in
  2. write a guest editorial for your local neighborhood paper on some local issue (trust me, they'll print it, if just to take up space)
  3. start an annoying email forward about something you don't like about your country but always assumed just couldn't be changed (it's better than the ones you've been victimized by for years)
  4. participate in a protest, or organize one if you can't find one to suit you (if you can't think of anything to protest, you're a bad citizen)
  5. link to this post to spread the word thru the blogosphere...
...that is, of course, assuming you belive as I do. If not, go ahead and post here---what do you think a good citizen is?

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