Friday, September 16

My recent invitations

[for a Friend's 28th birthday:] Do for dinner @ 7p.m., Drinks at dish, Dirty Martinis at Swig, 10 p.m. and then... Dancing at Raifords, and if you're still up for it... Denny's breakfast! [From Evite] We want to remind you that the Cooper/Young Shindig is coming up on Sat. Sep. 17th [that is a party after the festival] 93X & WIZARD’S PRESENT 93X FEST [Dude, anything Wizard's does is cool.] SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 @ MUD ISLAND AMPHITHEATRE [Remind me to go, dude!] FEATURING SHINEDOWN…WITH CROSSFADE…AND SPECIAL GUESTS DEFAULT, BREAKING POINT AND EGYPT CENTRAL [If anyone can tell me who these bands are, I thank you. Except I think the last---Egypt Central---are from Memphis and stole their name from a high school.] TICKETS ARE $27.50 PLUS HANDLING CHARGES at ALL TICKETMASTER OUTLETS [No freakin' way are all those stoner/metal heads paying $30 for this lame show!!]

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