Tuesday, September 27

Jessica Simpson is Hawt

I have a friend who likes to talk about how hot Jessica is when we get together. I wonder why that is; now I think I may have figured it out. She doesn't have a bobble-head, and that makes her more attractive than a lot of the stars getting shoved down our throats. Have you noticed that celebrities are getting lollipop-headed these days? For some unknown reason I landed on QVC while channel hopping tonight & saw cute lip glosses being sold by Jessica Simpson. Price: 2 for $34.95 (for you guys who don't buy lip gloss, that is NOT a reasonable price). While I was transfixed by a combination of the pretty colors and the marvel of the customers' sheer idiocy I realized something: The poor bastards were buying it! But why? My theory is the lollipop head reaction. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, right? Well, for all the Lindsey Lohans and Olsen Twins out there, there have to be stars with proportional heads & bodies. Jessica S. is one; Tyra Banks is another. There must be plenty of others out there... it's just that, because of their freakishness, the lollipop heads are more visible. Anyway, I didn't buy the lip gloss. It all smells/tastes like dessert & I don't want to smell like a cupcake all the time. For me there's a very broad & distinct line between cute & cutesy. I think I am way too old for cutesy.


ml said...

She is smokin' hawt. Smoookin'

Serrabee said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot that part.