Tuesday, September 13

Blogger is conspiring against me

I know you've missed me. So it seems that every time I write a post, Blogger's just fine; it's only when I go to actually post it that it won't communicate with me. So I cut & paste my post into Word, but when I go back to publish it later, it doesn't seem so fun. There's something about the immediacy of writing & putting it out into the ether that makes whatever I write have some validity, or make some sense. To me, anyway. But take away the on-demand publishing factor & it just seems silly to post my thoughts of the moment 12 hours later. Every time I turned on the radio today, Judge John Roberts was deflecting questions of the US Sentaors. He's very good at it. I read an article in The Progressive Magazine about his history of writing briefs (since he hasn't been a judge long at all) and working for Ken Starr. There has GOT to be a better alternative. This is Bush's chance to make the highest court in the nation a little more representative of its citizens, and he's appointing one more upper middle-class white guy who will toe the Republican ideological line. He should sound like a worse candidate than he does, but I just can't get over how reasonable he sounded. I don't think for a second that he'll turn out like O'Connor and Souter to disappoint his appointing Republican President. I also don't think he'll be turned down for the position. Grrrrr.

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