Tuesday, June 13

Can't Hardly Wait

Can't wait to get the new Sonic Youth album, cause it sounds rockin' and not like a bunch of cacophonous crap, although by "can't wait" I really mean "will get around to it sometime". Cause I'm certainly not going anywhere else today---I literally feel like I was beaten with one of those bats they would give you in psychotherapy back in the 90's (or at least you saw them on teevee a lot).

I met the girls out for a couple of drinks last night to celebrate a birthday of one of my miniature band of reader-friends. A couple of margaritas at Molly'sturned into beers on the Bayou patio, and then we all went next door to visit their awesome new bartender, Mark, who gave us restaurant industry prices. Wonderful man. I accidentally ended up paying for everyone's drinks, and it wasn't all that much than my two drinks at Molly's. So suck on it, Molly's; your margaritas ain't all that great anyway.

So, happy birthday, KB, and many happy returns. I'm not sure I'll make it to lesbian karaoke, since I have an early meeting tomorrow. I can hardly wait for the sun to go down to get into bed. Sorry I am not more creative today; I know posting has been spotty lately---thanks for hangin' in there.


Chris Lawrence said...

When you first said lesbian karaoke, I thought you were restricted to doing Melissa Etheridge, KD Lang and Indigo Girls songs.

Serrabee said...

No, you can also do Prince, Madonna, and showtunes (a lot of gay men go there, too). ;-)

David Holt said...

So they'd look at me weird if I tried to sing my favorites like Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard? Surely Willie Nelson would be okay though. Every guy dreams of being a hit at lesbian karaoke night, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a near as good as we imagine.