Tuesday, June 13

Random Happenings

I just got the weirdest email from my most recent ex-bf saying he was sorry he never appreciated me. That may be a sign of the apocalypse. I'm not sure what he expects from saying that at this point (we've been broken up over a year). Day late & a dollar short is an understatement! He's not living in Memphis, or in the South at all, so it can't be that he wants the opportunity to get back together. That was literally all he said, so it wasn't much of an opening to start corresponding again. Plus, he could have called if that's what he had in mind. My guess is he's in a 12-step program and this is just part of it.

I just hate it when people pop up again when you've got your issues [mostly] resolved. A friend was telling me last night that I'm not very emotional; I disagreed, in fact I think I am highly emotional---I just have my shit pretty much together. The day I lose it and tell everyone what I really think is not a day you want to see. Sometimes I have dreams where I get all mad at people in my life (like the exes) and then it all seems to go back to a simmer. Dreams may lie to us sometimes, as Blair Combest says, but they sure can help bring things back into balance.

Speaking of which, I hope my two wedding dreams last week aren't a bad sign. A wedding in a dream probably means a funeral in real life, or something equally strange. We were trying to track down a runaway bride (a college girlfriend I haven't seen since her actual wedding about 5 years ago) in peach satin bridesmaid dresses. Man, I hope I never have to buy another one of those.

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Henry said...

Hey Sairy,

Yo cuz here.

I had a similar email from an ex a few years ago. Feels good, right? You know, weird but good.