Wednesday, June 7

You are what you email

I sometimes wonder what people think of me, you know, what they say about me when I'm not around---how they'd describe me to another friend---the things they are afraid to say to my face. I've noticed a lot of my friends are intimidated by me (note: If you're easily intimitated, don't chat me up this Friday night). It's like looking in the mirror, seeing basically the same thing every day, and then when you see a photo you don't recognize yourself.

I did a work test to tell me what sort of employee/co-worker I am, and it was eerily correct. A few months ago, I got the idea of a personality poll from a friend of mine, and the results were half spot-on and half mysterious. The compliments I'll take, but a couple of the negative traits left me perplexed: one person called me "rash,"another "lethargic" (aren't those contradictory?) And who thinks I'm "overdramatic"??? I think that was the only serious boyfriend I ever had break up with me---and let me tell you, the most dramatic thing I did when he dumped me was quit speaking to him after a pretty calm discussion. Harumpf.

If all you knew about me was what's in my inbox today, you would get a very different picture of who I really am---different from any of the things above. I have recipes from Epicurious (no time to cook these days whatsoever---haven't tried a new recipe in months, I'd guess). Also, NWA (not that NWA) is writing to me about international travel (unfortunately, my passport expired last year), and a vitamin store is advertising horse chestnut to cure spider veins (fortunately, I still have pretty nice legs). I almost took an internship at an online vitamin place located here in town, incidentally, until I realized they were selling snake oil. notified me of their Monthly Partner program, which is just a nice way of saying: "We'd like access to your checking account, please!" Rounding out today's batch of impersonal mail is one from The Atlantic, which makes me feel guilty that I haven't even read the May issue yet.


Henry said...

Hey Sairy:

As a side note, "rash" and "lethargic" are not exactly contradictory. I'm rather lethargic, but I do some rash things, however lethargically.

I love taking personality tests. My results are usually like yours--partially accurate and partially obscure. Mainly it's fun to have words assigned to you, even if you can't use those words anywhere but in conversation or, say, blogging...

Serrabee said...

What is the last rash thing you have done, honestly? You were even cautious as a child, as I remember.;-)