Friday, June 30

Who the fvck are you

Do I know anyone in DC? I knew a guy named DC in college.... Why is someone from the nation's capitol googling me? Funny that Google wants to look for "Ferrabee"---which is actually the name of a guy I went to school with years ago, but I wouldn't have counted on it being much more common that Serrabee. Of course, y'all know I check my stats daily just to see how popular I am. I hope that doesn't make me vain or anything.

I acutally had a conversation about fake blog popularity with my friend last night. It seems that some people are just eager to be known for, or at least noticed, a blog. I ask you: what is a blog? Either masturbatory political ravings or just some narcissistic reflections and pictures of your friends, for the most part. It's like sex: Absolutely anyone can have it. Some people may be better at it than others, but it still doesn't make you special.

Somewhere after our 3rd or 4th pint it devolved into a discussion about the fact that she sometimes doesn't know how to take my jokes. I think that is funny, because I always thought that was the best thing about our friendship. We always kid with each other, and have in a similar manner for the past 12 years or so that we've known each other. Somehow now I am given to understand that either the nature of our friendship has changed, and I can no longer get away with those sarcastic, snide comments (which I have always felt made our friendship special, that we could both talk to each other that way & laugh about it). Which sucks for me, because I really don't have any other friends I can joke with quite like that. Now I have to watch myself so that I don't fall back into old habits, I guess. We are planning a beach trip over Labor Day weekend together, with other friends as well, so I think that will be the ultimate test of my resolve.


theogeo said...

My favorite analogy is that blogs are like ham radios. You do your thing the way you want to -- crack inside jokes, wax political and philosophical, etc. -- mostly for yourself and your friends, and other people either notice you and come back or move on.

It's fun and pointless mostly, but definitely an interesting way of communicating. And addictive. Fuck!


Serrabee said...

Who even knows what a HAM radio is anymore, though? Oh, wait, is that your new hobby now that you killed your blog (or put it into a coma, rather)? hee hee!

dwayne said...

i have a blog
so i can do it

ml said...

Now, now Serrabee. You knew I would read that. Maybe I'm just getting sensitive in my old age.

Serrabee said...

Maybe, but I also think I am getting bitchier in my old age. I will be on my best behavior at the beach, though!