Friday, June 2

Drinking Liberally, breaking rules, and seedy bars

I am rushing off to work but I just wanted to say THANKS! to the Drinking Liberally crew. Met them at dish for a lot of grown-up conversation; not exclusively political talk, but they say that the personal is political, right? It's good to get around people who make you think, and are obviously thinkers themselves, after being around so many people who are just comfortable to be around. The bad news is that my blogger alter-ego has been revealed, so no snarky comments on the assembly.

So I broke one of my new guidelines for living last night. Yeah, I stayed out late on a Thursday, even though I have to be at work at 8am. After I left dish, I called a friend whose call I'd missed (they were at Celtic Crossing, but I missed that & had to meet them at the Lamp---ick!). I'd have to say it was worth it---I got to see a friend who has been MIA for the past few weeks, as well as a friend I am used to seeing all the time who I missed last weekend. Add together meeting all those fine people at dish, and I've more than made up for breaking a little rule.

I also fielded phone calls from the tall man after leaving the Lamplighter, which was stupid of me. After all, I'd been doing well on my policy of not talking to him, full stop. It's obvious that last night was a night for breaking rules that I've imposed on my own social life. I'll let you know if they both turn out to be good ones to break or not.

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