Monday, June 5

Get Excited!

I have been very excited about several upcoming events lately, and now that they're all over, I'm going to have to make my own excitement. We like to make fun of a silly girl we used to know by repeating things she said (like "Get excited!!") in her squeaky pre-pubescent girl's voice (she was over 21, so it was really a strange thing to hear). Who is really going to be able to conjure up and honest excitement and enthusiasm on command? Well, I'm going to try.

Living alone makes me want to plan and conjure events to look forward to; plus, that's always been an aspect of my personality. I write things on my calendar just so I can anticipate them. I'm going to try and get excited about my upcoming camping trip to unknown parts (somewhere east of Nashvile is all I know). Anyone want to house-sit for me?

I have no vacations planned after this month, no more big parties, or company coming to town. I am going to do one more brunch this weekend, but several people are out of town, so we'll probably just have a small group this time. I think that might facilitate conversation a little better anyway. We devoted a large chuck of the first two meeting times socializing; now I really want to dig into more social issues. Even the little things can be interesting when you're looking at them through others' points of view instead of your own. For instance, how far are you willing to go to help the environment? Reduce, reuse, and recycle? Buy a car powered by alternative fuel? Sell your car and ride your bike? If you're willing to do more than you already do, what's stopping you from making the change? Is it unrealistic to change on an individual basis, or is that the only way? ... I'm afraid all of this will require more direction than I've wanted to provide so far. But as one of my friends said, "Even if you're not changing the world, you're still building more social capital," and I like the sound of that.


Shae said...

Your brunches sound lovely: cheers to social capital and scheduling anticipation. :)

Serrabee said...

It has been more "social" than "capital" so far....
Still fun to get together & see everyone, at any rate.
I'll let you know how it works with the smaller group I anticipate this weekend (6-8 people).