Friday, November 18

Lesbian Karaoke

Yes, I was at the Madison Flame for karaoke last night. While I would not normally be into stereotyping the patrons of such a place, it must be noted that lesbians just don't look like us. Gay men can---and often do---pass for being 'one of the guys' to those less in tune with subcultures. It takes a special person (do you have gaydar?) to spot 'em every time. And I'm not saying lesbians who want to pass for straight can't---and don't---do so all the time. But no one there last night was trying to hide it. The thing you noticed walking in was the preponderance of lesbian hairstyles, first and foremost. The bad 80's hair was overwhelming to someone who spends her days in a place that's 45% African American women. Seriously, if you see bad hair at the U of M it's probably on an older, fat white lady. The majority of women there just have good hair. But I digress. There were the obligatory mullets, of course, which is a given. The shorter hair was almost uniform except in color: short, curly, sprayed into a helmet with super-short bangs. Usually seemed to be frosted or at least blonde. Can't short hair be cute anymore? Remember when Ally Sheedy had short hair, or when Alyssa Milano cut hers in the pixie style? Apparently the lesbian masses do not. They apparently redecorated since the one time I was there a half million years ago. It's neat when you first look, a combination of honky-tonk and danceclub, but on second look the ceiling is papered with aluminum foil and there are mannequin torsos suspended from the ceiling. I still thought it was neat, and also really liked the moving Marilyn Monroe neon wall decor (her skirt blows up, of course!). What was I doing there, you ask? Well, not lesbian karaoke---I never sang. It was a birthday clebration for a gay friend of mine. The strangest thing is that I'm planning to go to another gay (or bisexual, possibly) friend's birthday tomorrow night. AT A KARAOKE BAR! Too strange.

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