Wednesday, June 21

Stalk to you later

The Freedonian, who I've met several times now, has a Best Liberal Songs post up which I really love. As I am too busy phone-stalking everyone who hasn't called me back in the past week, I will leave you to it. It's juicy!


David Holt said...

Rick was a good friend untill he bashed country music on his blog. That is not forgivable. Now, how dare you link to him?!? Of course I've been drinking so I should probably disconnect and not be online. Not a safe time to be online. :-)nzoisauv

Serrabee said...

Hey, if you'd write something more fun than political crap, I'd link to you! ;-)
Seriously, though, drunk blogging is waaaay better than drunk driving!

David Holt said...

But political crap is all I know. Want to know about law, politics, history, literature, cats, country music, my wife, etc? I'm your man. Want to know about something fun, I'm so out of touch. Sigh... I'm such a dork... And let me tell you, the fact that you don't link to me has convinced me that I am worthless and even dorkier than I thought. Makes me want to blog drunk. Sighs even more dramatically.

Freedonian said...

As a fan of this blog, I wanted to stop by and thank Serrabee, and to tell her that I'm honored and grateful that a post of mine was linked here!

Thank you.

And yeah... Dave is a dork. ;) Just kidding. Dave is a great blogger and a great friend.