Thursday, June 22

I wish I were as cool as you!

I wish I were cool enough to leave an empty spot in my top friends, as if to say to everyone else:

You are not cool enough to qualify.

Instead, I wimp out and fill all my top spaces so that I can imply to everyone not on my top list: If I had just one more spot, it would be yours!

It's a funny thing about myspace, in that most people I get friend reqests from I have never met---yet the only people I request whom I don't know personally are musicans. I'm like a lazy groupie: I will seek you out online so I can see where you're playing next, thought I'm too lazy to go to your show this weekend. (But I am going to try to make it to Newby's on Sat. for Papa Top's West Coast Turnaround. Try, I said.)

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